10 x 44 Mobile Office Trailer

10 x 44 mobile office trailers are single-wide units (since they are less than 14’ wide) and are one of the most commonly used types. Because of their compact width (10 feet) and space-efficiency (400 sq. feet), 10 x 44 mobile offices are great choices for businesses that want to benefit from saving space, saving money, enjoying the unit’s portability, AND having enough room to designate at least two work spaces. Most 10 x 44 mobile offices allow enough room for at least one private office and one open area, which most will use for storage, another office, or a shared space (ie. a sitting/meeting area). If you want two small offices and an open sitting area, you can make that work as well! Alternatively, you can also use the 10 x 44 space as one larger open area with no walls or dividers, which will help open up the space to feel bigger. 


Because of their space-efficiency and decent square footage, 10 x 44 offices are convenient options for a variety of businesses – including… 

  • Mobile or on-the-go businesses who need to “set up shop” temporarily
  • Construction companies and contractors that need to prep job sites for a project
  • Schools or educational environments who need portable classrooms
  • Property management companies
  • Businesses who need extra storage space
  • And more!

Generally, at 400 sq. feet, any small business with 4 people or less can utilize a 10 x 44 mobile office trailer, depending on the kind of layout you’re looking for. Conveniently, a majority (if not all) of mobile offices this size will accommodate add-on features like HVAC, electricity and lighting, shelving and cabinets, windows, and a variety of other interior and exterior finishings. These units also typically can add on a bathroom, if you would like to. Remember, because 10 x 44 mobile offices accommodate 2-4 people, they don’t have to only accommodate “temporary” space needs. Many people set up these offices to use year-round, semi-permanently, or permanently!

Size and Dimensions

As mentioned, a 10 x 44 mobile office will be 10 feet wide, 44 feet long, and may sometimes include a hitch that may add around 4 feet to the length on the exterior. You also want to consider that many have a front door that swings open and may add some space to the width. So, it’s a safe bet to plan your site for a unit that requires around 48’ long and 14’ wide. 

Also keep in mind that a majority of mobile offices are not at ground level, since they sit on a wheel-and-chassis base for easy portability. This means you will need stairs or a ramp to enter. However, some suppliers offer “ground-level” offices (many are converted storage containers), so it doesn’t hurt to ask your supplier when receiving a quote.


Since 10 x 44 mobile offices have a decent amount of square footage and can accommodate multiple employees at a time, adding features to your purchase or rental can really transform the unit into a comfortable work space. These days, you can just about equip your mobile office with any amenity you can think would be in a “standard” office space. Plus, most 10 x 44 units have an included bathroom! The “included” features will vary by supplier, but there are features you can add for an additional price.

Here are some of the great features you can choose from:

  • Running Water
  • Electricity (usually standard)
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Security Bars on Windows
  • Exterior finishing options
  • Wheelchair-accessible entry ramps
  • Metal Steps
  • Ball hitch locks
  • Built-in desks
  • Filing cabinets and shelves
  • Skirting
  • Blinds


The cost of a 10 x 44 mobile office trailer will vary depending on… 

  • Whether you’re renting or buying
  • The age and condition of the unit
  • Which add-on features you want to include
  • Your location and distance from the supplier (this impact delivery rates)
  • Which season you’re starting your rental or making your purchase

In general, if you’re choosing to rent, your monthly payment can be anywhere between $300-500 a month for a lightly used unit with standard features. But that price can be higher if you choose to add many high-end features. Additionally, that monthly rental rate may go up if office trailers are in high demand or it’s busy season. Usually, rates are higher in the Spring and Summer. Make sure you ask your supplier about the factors (condition, age, season, etc.) that are contributing to that monthly premium.

To purchase, new office trailers usually start at about $15,000 for the smallest sized units, so a brand new 10’ x 44’ office will most likely start at $20,000 depending on condition, age, and features. You should be able to bring down that price if you want to purchase a used or refurbished unit. Generally, the more features you want to add, the higher your “out-the-door” price will be. 

If you’re torn between whether it’s smarter to rent or buy, look at our in-depth renter’s guide. In terms of the cost, consider what you’re paying the supplier yearly for the rental, including delivery and removal fees. It’s typical that businesses consider purchasing when they anticipate needing the office for more than 3 years. At this point you’ll nearly “break even” on the investment. However, in the end, it will depend on your specific annual investment and how long you need the office for.

By the way - always budget around $1,000 - $1,500 for delivery and installation. Also plan about $300-$1,000 for removal. However, you can check with your supplier to get those exact rates before the unit is delivered.

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