Mobile Office Trailer with Bathroom

Many businesses want to know if they can install a bathroom in their mobile office trailer before deciding whether it’s a good fit.  Depending on the size, adding a bathroom and standard plumbing to the unit is typically no problem. When in doubt, your supplier is able to talk with you about your options.

When thinking through adding a bathroom to your mobile office trailer, you’ll want to consider this short checklist:

How much usable office space do you need?

Even if you know the amount of office space you will require, adding a bathroom will subtract from that space. For instance, say you need to accommodate yourself and two other employees – a total of 3 occupants. You want to comfortably include two private rooms and a common meeting space where the third employee can work. Therefore, you decide on a 10 x 44 mobile office trailer. But after adding a bathroom, remember that the common meeting space will be smaller. Sometimes, people planning for a mobile office have to go up a size to accommodate both their space and bathroom requirements. If you have questions about the layout of the office after including a bathroom, your supplier can show different blueprints. That way, you can visualize the amount of space you’ll have leftover.

What is your budget?

The cost of adding a bathroom to your mobile office trailer varies per supplier. Some include it in the layout for some of their mid-sized trailers. In this case, it should cost you little extra, as opposed to one without an included bathroom. However, some suppliers consider it “optional” an add-on feature, depending on the size. In this case, you would be expected to pay extra for it. If you’re buying, you’ll see that extra cost in the upfront price. If you’re renting, you’ll see the extra cost in your monthly premium. When including a bathroom as an add-on feature, some suppliers will charge $200-$400 a month more to your rental premium. That’s why it’s important to know your budget before reaching out to gather quotes. Then you can decide if a bathroom is a top priority.

Which Bathroom Option is Best for your Needs?

You have a few options when it comes to adding a bathroom. You can add a bathroom inside the unit with standard plumbing, a bathroom inside without standard plumbing, or a bathroom outside the mobile office.

  • Bathroom inside with standard plumbing: Many mobile office trailers include hook-ups for plumbing and running water. They connect to local water and sewage lines just like bathrooms in a standard office. Therefore, you would receive regular water and sewage charges from the city or township. Usually, you have several options for bathroom sizes. You can ask your supplier about the size that’s most suitable, considering your office size and layout.
  • Bathroom inside without standard plumbing: Some mobile offices can install a bathroom, but they don’t have the plumbing hook-ups that other trailers have. These bathrooms would work much like a portable restroom, and a waste-water service can come to your trailer daily or weekly, depending on your preference. Sometimes your supplier can handle this necessity for you, but if not, you would have to arrange something with a third-party. In this case, you would have to consider the cost of working with a third-party and whether or not it’s conducive to your budget. 
  • Bathroom outside: It’s possible to rent a portable restroom to place outside your unit, or even a separate mobile restroom trailer that has several stalls. This is a good option for those who want a nearby restroom but would rather not have it inside their office, or would prefer to free up room for more usable workspace. Again, this would require working with a third-party and you would incur additional monthly charges - so make sure you understand the cost and whether or not it’s reasonable for your budget.

No matter what, you can always ask the supplier what bathroom options they offer and what the additional costs will be. Also keep in mind that if you know there’s a usable public restroom nearby, investing in a bathroom inside or outside may not even be necessary!

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