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NPSA & 360Connect Partner Program – FAQ

Recently we kick-started our Partner Program with the National Portable Storage Association. We’re here to help you understand how we’re involved with the NPSA and the storage container industry, and how we work to help NPSA members.

Who is the NPSA?

The National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) is an accredited trade organization for professionals who work with portable storage. Companies who typically are members of the NPSA sell or rent out: portable or mobile storage containers, shipping containers, cargo containers, storage units, storage trailers, and more.

The central purpose of the NPSA is to help smaller companies grow. They are an incredibly valuable resource for container professionals – whether their companies are trying to develop or maintain revenue. Storage container professionals benefit from being part of the NPSA through networking and sharing ideas with industry professionals, as well as being the first to hear about industry opportunities, services, and benefits.

“To advance the portable storage industry through networking, education, marketing, and advocacy.”

NPSA Mission Statement

How does the NPSA contribute to the storage container industry?

The NPSA is one-of-a-kind. They are the only trade organization dedicated to the storage container industry. Their complete focus is providing value to container businesses. The NPSA regularly offers best business practices, management strategies, safety and regulation information, educational programs, industry news and trends, networking opportunities, and more. Storage container companies gain value from the NPSA with exclusive access to these materials, giving them a competitive advantage in the industry.

Which companies join NPSA?

Essentially any company that sells and/or rents storage containers can benefit from an NPSA membership. By joining the NPSA, companies benefit from professional networking and brand awareness opportunities. Companies also join the NPSA to gain access to insider industry information (like news and trends), as well as service and promotional opportunities to help them grow their business.

Some benefits that NPSA offers its members include: 

  • Listing your brand on the “NPSA Map”
  • Customer referral program
  • Newsletters
  • Exclusive access to industry research
  • Insurance opportunities
  • Best Practices 
  • Committee Involvement
  • Conferences & Events 

How is 360Connect involved with NPSA and its members?

360Connect has been a proud member of the NPSA for years. We have experienced firsthand how the NPSA can help smaller companies grow revenue and increase awareness for their brand! We have been attending NPSA’s events over the years, and always find high value in the industry insight, professional networking, and product/service benefits the shows offer.

As of recently, 360Connect has started a Partner Program with the NPSA. As fellow members, we understand the need to find cost-efficient, productive sales and marketing programs to help grow revenue. 360Connect, like the NPSA, has the mission to help smaller storage container companies grow their business. We deliver this opportunity with our “Revenue Growth Program.” 

How does 360Connect’s NPSA Partner Program help storage container businesses?

By following insider industry information – much of which we gained through being an NPSA member – we’ve learned that the storage container industry is highly fragmented, in terms of market share. What does this mean for smaller companies? Generally, that a majority of the target customers for storage container brands have not yet heard about their company. Our Revenue Growth Program’s marketing model is designed to introduce new customers – who are actively looking online to buy within 6 months or less – to storage container brands. It gives companies a competitive advantage over other similar companies. At the same time, it creates a sales and marketing strategy that allows businesses to focus heavily on revenue generation, rather than comprehensive marketing on their own.

Over the years, our membership with the NPSA has resulted in some huge milestones:

  • Grew from 360MobileOffice to 360Connect in order to help a larger network of storage container professionals.
  • Helped one client grow their business from $10 million to $100 million.
  • Made it easier than ever for companies to close new business. You tell us whether you sell or rent, describe your sales territory, and get new prospects delivered to you daily.
  • We connected about 120,000 customers with our clients each year so they could buy or rent containers.

What else does the 360Connect’s NPSA Partner Program offer?

360Connect and the NPSA are focused on helping companies grow in a cost-effective way. 360Connect is offering NPSA members a FREE 2022 NPSA Membership (up to $1,000) when they sign up with 360Connect for a 4-month contract (minimum). We are reserving this opportunity for first-time customers of our program, OR customers who would like to give us another shot after 180 days of inactivity.

To find out more or sign up for this special offer, simply visit our supplier page to pass along your contact info! We’ll get in touch and address any other questions you may have.

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