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Why It’s Important For Your Employees to Love Their Job

Have you ever heard the phrase “I hate my sales job”? Think about the time you heard this, and how that employee was performing. Chances are, with that attitude, they’re likely not the top seller. Successful salespeople do not often feel that way toward their profession, especially in a commission-based industry. Having said that, you can provide all the sales tips and best practices, but your sales agent can never improve or succeed at something they hate.

In the world of sales, the energy and love you put into your work is what you get out of it. So, if you have an employee that hates being in sales, your potential clients will know. If employees believe they are manipulating others, then in turn prospects will feel the same way and sales will be lost.

A salesperson works WITH the customer. Their goal is to help them find the right product or service for their needs. And it’s the love of their job that’ll help them make more sales, and in return boost your business.

Check out the top 3 reasons salespeople who love their job make more sales.

They Are Confident 

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To confidently communicate the benefits of your company’s solution to prospects and customers, a salesperson must be an expert on the product or service they sell. Without complete confidence in a product, it’s hard to sell it. They need to stand by the products and services and understand their benefits to the customer. Loving their sales job makes salespeople feel confident in the sales they’re making. They know it will benefit the prospect and the confidence can be felt in person, over a Zoom meeting, and even over a phone call. A salesperson who loves their job has the confidence to make more sales. 

Confidence comes partly with great training. Do you have a great sales training program at your company?  How do you expect someone to excel if they don’t have the tools or strategies needed to succeed?  We recommend Sandler Sales Training as it’s a world-class training program with experienced and knowledgeable trainers that can give your staff the skill needed to succeed and be successful.  

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They Are Motivated

The more time you spend doing something you love, the more self-confidence and motivation you will have. A salesperson who loves their job will be motivated to help the company succeed, reach new goals, and train those below them. The feeling of success at something they love only makes the salesperson want to meet quarterly goals, which makes them more likely to succeed at meeting end-of-year sales goals.

How do you motivate them?  A few ways:

  • Share success stories with your team – Stories are powerful especially ones that showcase exactly how your company has helped others.  People generally love helping people and get excited when their efforts are making a difference.  Use success stories at least once per week in your meetings to invigorate your sales staff.  
  • Ask them what their goals are for the year and remind them of their goals regularly – Company goals matter but not as much as personal goals.  Have your folks write down their goals for the year and make sure they share them with you.  Anytime their struggling or taking it easy remind them of the goals they set up for themselves.  Watch magic happen
  • Publicly recognize their success and not just the results.  People love recognition but it’s easy to only recognize the results, the sale.  Yes that matters but what matters more is doing business the right way.  Recognize people that admit to their mistakes and take accountability.  Acknowledge people that tell the truth even when it’s difficult.  Recognize people that stumble but pick themselves back up after a tough call.  
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They Care

A salesperson who loves their job cares about the solutions they are providing. In the world of sales, it’s easy to get lost in the nitty-gritty of emails, phone calls, cold calls, nurture campaigns, and more. It can become a chore for many, and a hassle to the actual job. But for those who love their job, no matter the situation of how they got a lead, they know that the person on the other side of the phone requires a solution they can provide. A good salesperson will ask prospects multiple questions to ensure they are pointing them in the correct direction, and not just the fast sale. Salespeople that take the time to develop relationships, and care for prospects are what’s going to get your company repeat business. 

Source: Zety

What You Can Do to Help Employees Love Their Job

It’s possible to have a sales team succeed without them loving or liking their job. But it’s a lot easier to have less turnover and more successful sales when you have employees who love their job and have a passion for it. Working at a job you love is fulfilling. It’s what gets you up in the morning. What makes you strive to climb up the ladder of success. But how do you make sure that your employees feel this way toward their sales job?

Let Employees Know You Appreciate them

No salesperson is going to love a job where they’re not appreciated. To showcase to them that they’re a valuable asset to the company, you can find ways to regularly provide acts of appreciation. This ranges from verbally letting them know they did a great job or awarding a bonus when large goals are achieved. There are many ways to show appreciation, and they do not need to be big or laborious. Just genuine. Acts of recognition and appreciation go a long way in the workplace and can lead to employees loving their job. 

Ensure Room For Growth and Mentoring

Employees who love their job, want to grow with their company. So you must have programs in place to ensure this is possible. A big reason why salespeople leave one company for another is that they hit the ceiling and realize they can’t go up any further. Growth programs make employees feel happy and satisfied at the company they work for knowing they have room to grow. In addition, mentoring programs within the company help ensure those who love their job are setting the right tone and culture for the incoming sales agents. 

Stop Micromanaging 

No employee loves a job where they are micro-managed. Instead of micro-managing, try weekly check-ins. Having weekly group meetings or one-on-ones with sales team members helps ensure employees remain on top of their tasks and sales agents can feel proud of what they do. During this call, problems can be addressed, growth can be made, and relationships can be built. 

Make Employees Believe In Your Company

An employee that loves their company believes in the company. If you want your sales team to believe in your product or service as much as you do, you’ll need to make them believe in the company. Ensuring that employees know the companies core values, and mission statement reminds sales agents there is a story behind the products. What are your hopes for the company? How is your product or service impacting customers? Knowing this helps employees see the bigger picture they’re helping make possible. And in turn, they can love the job that lets them solve customers’ problems.

Love Getting Leads?

Now that you know the importance of your sales team loving their job, and the tools to get there. You can benefit from a lead generation company to send true intent prospects their way. 360Connect connects you with prospects who are requesting quotes for your products and services. 

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