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Time Tracking For Restaurants

Time Tracking For Restaurants

Most restaurants require a high number of staff to run, especially if they are looking to expand. While it is daunting to conduct the interviews and train this staff, one of the major pain points for business owners is time tracking these workers as well as running payroll. These administrative tasks get in the way of doing the actual work of running a restaurant. Without clear time tracking tools, employee pay can be difficult to calculate, or employees can engage in time theft. If you are having this type of trouble, you may be wondering if time tracking for restaurants is really worth it. We believe so and here’s why!

The Breakdown:

  1. Restaurants can improve HR services with time tracking. 
  2. Restaurants can improve transparency, provide accurate pay for hours worked, and optimize their efficiency.  
  3. Most time track software offers a wide array of features and benefits. 

What Is Time Tracking? 

Time tracking is the ability to monitor and record the hours that an employee works. This is done by employees using a timecard and “clocking in” to a time clock. Nowadays, these hours are automatically logged into time and attendance software.  

Most time tracking software can either integrate/integrate with 3rd party applications for other HR activities such as managing payroll and benefits. Common types of “clocking in” methods include: 

  • Key fob 
  • Magstripe cards 
  • Mobile application 
  • Proximity cards 
  • Credentialed login (used mostly for remoter workers)  
  • Keypad code 
  • Biometric scanners 

Why Should Restaurants Use Time Tracking Tools? 

While you may believe that time tracking is just helpful for large companies, think again! Time tracking software has some serious benefits even for small restaurant owners! While each software has its unique take on time tracking, there are some standard benefits you receive when using most software. 

Automate Administrative Tasks 

Would you like to record hours, run payroll, and do your scheduling with a couple of clicks? Time tracking software for the restaurant industry can allow you to do that! The software will automatically log hours. You can even export those hours into spreadsheets or other HR software.  For most business owners, one of the best benefits is having workers be able to clock in by themselves. Neither you nor your employees have to record hours by hand. Just swipe and go. It’s that easy. 

Ensure Accurate Pay 

Time tracking for restaurants ensures that you are able to accurately track hours worked and who is responsible for their shift. This data makes it easy to run payroll and track your top performers. This makes it easy to not only spot missed pay or hours, but you can also track employee time theft as well. 

Business Transparency  

A time and attendance system provide transparency for your business and employees. You can set clear guidelines on when to clock in/clock out, how to accrue overtime, how to adjust your time, and more. Employees can follow clear directions and understand how their pay and hours are calculated. 

Review Data Over Time 

Wouldn’t you like to look at data year over year and map out projections for your staffing? Time tracking gives you the ability to do just that! You can plot critical information such as: 

  • Average number of employees needed for a regular shift 
  • Average number of employees needed for a peak shift 
  • Payroll estimates for seasons and yearly 
  • PTO averages 
  • Average time for tasks 
  • And more! 
4 useful time tracking features that employers can use

Top Time Tracking Software and Cost: 

Below is a sample of some of the top suppliers of time tracking software and how their services. Recommendations based on reviews by Hubworks and Clockify


ZIPClock is a highly rated service that provides a wealth of features for companies with relatively low pricing. One of the more critical features is that the software will allow you to track labor laws in real-time, so you are always up to date. You’ll have access to some robust features such as: 

  • Shift reminders 
  • Payroll reports 
  • Time management 
  • Multi-location support 
  • Free mobile application  

Pricing: ZIPClock starts at $29/month/location with its base plan which has over 10 different features. Their next plan goes up to $49/month/location and includes even more features. Furthermore, they also have a custom pricing tier where you can mix and match features and is for larger-sized businesses. 

QuickBooks Time 

Most business owners are familiar with QuickBooks in some form or fashion. If you already use their services, this may be your best option. QuickBooks Time can automatically integrate with your other QuickBooks services providing you ease and the features you need. You’ll find robust features such as: 

  • Employee time sync for payroll 
  • Mobile application 
  • Shift scheduling 
  • Mobile clock-in 
  • Shift notifications 
  • Employee reporting 
  • Project tracker 
  • PTO tracker 
  • And more! 

QuickBooks Time has two plans. Elite and Premium here: 

Source: Quickbooks


Clockify is one of the biggest bangs for your buck. Why? Because it’s absolutely free! Free doesn’t mean cheaply made though! It’s one of the best in the business for a reason! It has a simple-to-use interface and comes jam-packed with some serious features like: 

  • Digital timesheets 
  • Templates 
  • Activity and shift reminders 
  • Pin clock in/clock out 
  • Shift scheduling 
  • 3rd-party integrations with QuickBooks, Trello, Jira, and more! 
  • Time reports with breakdown by activity 
  • And so much more!  

Do You Need Time Tracking for Your Restaurants? 

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