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How Can You Bring Joy to Your Sales Team?

Is your company having fun? Bet you didn’t expect to be asked that question, but it’s an important question to ask yourself when running your business. 

Joy Creates Prosperity 

The truth is, creating a culture where employees want to work, and have fun doing their job, will encourage them to close more sales. They want to contribute to the companies’ success because it’s also their success. Some business leaders find this unimportant, but employees need to feel part of a team to succeed. Their success is your success. So ask yourself, are your employees having fun? And how can you bring joy to your sales team? Check out our list of the top 3 ways to bring joy to your sales team. 

Celebrate the Small Things

office joy

Celebrating milestones and quarterly goals is great. We encourage every company and individual employee to celebrate these important achievements. However, the problem arises when we’re only celebrating the big things, and forget the small things. 

If your eyes are on the quarterly goal, and the quarterly goal only, you’ll miss the weekly and even daily sales achievements. Celebrating doesn’t always need to be a large event. It can be as simple as an office cake or even an online appreciated post. The point is, celebrating small things encourages and fuels sales team members to reach their main quarterly goals. 

You don’t just celebrate the Super Bowl, you celebrate each win leading up to the big game. Think in this same mindset when bringing joy to your sales team. 

  • Celebrate the small milestones as well as the big ones.
  • Give public displays of appreciation. 
  • Create joy for employees. 

Invest In Their Success

conference joy

When it comes to employee growth plans, professional development opportunities are essential. That being said it’s important to invest in your employees’ knowledge in order for the company to grow and for employees to gain new skills. A great way to invest in your employees’ success is by sending them to a conference.

Employees who are invited to represent their companies at conferences feel valued, which increases job satisfaction. In addition, they are receiving a signal from their job that there is room for growth and they are valuable enough to be sent somewhere to simply learn and enjoy themselves while networking. 

Attending conferences allows your sales team to make new connections and better their selling tactics. Creating a win-win for both you and them. 

  • Invest in your employees’ knowledge and skills.
  • Provide networking opportunities. 
  • Create joy for employees. 

Organize Events

event joy

Activities that encourage team building are a great way to motivate and incentivize a sales team. The sales industry is already competitive. Adding in some co-worker rivalry will allow employees to have fun and enjoy their time with the sales team and company. 

Many companies now offer fun activities right in the office. This may be conducted through a gaming station, ping pong table, or even board games. While this may seem like a time waster to many, it’s key to allowing employees to build strong bonds and brings joy to the team altogether.

360Connect Open 

Joy creates prosperity, and the 360Connect sales team knows that from first-hand experience. In August 2021, 360Connect held its first annual “360Connect Open,” where employees were put into teams, and the office was transformed into a miniature golf course. Laughs were had, memories were made, and joy was brought. The result? The 360Connect sales team had its highest sales month since 2014. 

Bringing Joy to Remote Employees

remote joy

Is your sales team working remotely? Just because you’re not physically together, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ensure they are happy. There are many ways you can keep your remote sales team happy. Here are some of the most effective ones: 

  • Provide positive feedback.
  • Recognize accomplishments over email, group chat, and even video calls. 
  • Implement clear sales goals.
  • Send care packages.
  • Hold weekly check-ins.
  • Host online team-building games and activities. 

Top 3 Benefits of a Happy Sales Team

A happy sales team can help grow your business and save you money. It may come as a surprise to many, but financial compensation alone isn’t enough to encourage a sales team. Instead, a happy sales team can help increase your sales tactics, build stronger client relationships for the company, and finally, they’re more likely to stay with a business that brings them joy. So, make sure that your team is happy at all times. 

Better Sales Tactics

The more people enjoy their work, the more efficient they are. According to a Harvard psychology researcher, happiness makes your brain work better. As a result, your sales team can improve its sales tactics. 

Employee Retention

Did you know the cost of replacing an employee can range from ½ to two times the employee’s annual salary? You cannot afford to lose good employees by failing to bring them joy and happiness. Many people leave a company because they are unhappy with their jobs. However, when employees are happy working for you, they tend to stay and help grow the business. 

Stronger Client Relationships

Happy employees build strong relationships with customers. While the sale is their main goal, they also take the time to ensure they listen to the client and maintain a good relationship with them. For employees that enjoy their job, they are happy and eager to drive sales for the company.

Create Joy with 360Connect

A great way to bring joy to your sales team is by increasing their number of good, true-intent leads. Gaining leads is hard, but it doesn’t have to be when you work with 360Connect. At 360Connect, we are focused on helping your business grow. If you’re anxious to increase your number of leads and improve sales, we’re here to help! 

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