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Top 3 Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing in 2022 to Generate Sales

The use of video marketing is exploding and is becoming a bigger piece of every business’s marketing strategy. In fact, 87 percent of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. But with everyone implementing video marketing, how can you stand out? We’ve gone the extra mile to lay out what video marketing is, why it’s important, and the top 3 ways it can help you generate sales in 2022. 

What is Video Marketing?

There are many complex types of marketing tactics, but when it comes to video marketing, it’s quite simple. Video marketing is the use of video to market your brand, product, or service. 

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing can serve as a tool to showcase how-to’s, customer testimonials, and is an overall great way to attract prospects to your product or services. You can connect with your audience like no other medium can. In addition, video marketing lets you build brand awareness while gaining sales.

1. Education Friendly 

Educational videos are a great way to showcase what your brand is all about. They should provide prospects with information that can benefit them. Whether you’re teaching your audience how your business operates, explaining your products, or outlining your services, at the end of the day it needs to provide value to them. Check out some commonly used educational videos that can encourage sales. 

Case Study

Nothing attracts buyers more than reassurance, and that’s what case studies provide. A good case study video should lay out the customer’s problem and how your company was the solution they needed. The video can be shared on your website and social media to attract buyers in similar situations. 

Demo Video

Have a product that’s difficult to understand? A demo video is a great way to give prospects a taste of what you offer. Demo videos should showcase how your product or service works in action in order to educate your audience. As a sales agent, repeating the same answers to the same questions multiple times a day can be daunting. With a demo video, save yourself some time and add convenience to your prospect’s life with a ready to send demo video. 

Step-By-Step Guide

While demo videos are an introduction to your services, a step-by-step guide is much more detailed. If you have a product that needs to be handled with specific care a step-by-step guide is your best bet. For example, you can provide a step-by-step guide of the sign-up process or a guide of how shipping will be conducted. It provides ease of mind to prospects and encourages them to buy now knowing what’s ahead of them. 

2. Enhance Your Campaigns

video marketing laptop

Videos are eye-catching. In fact, 93 percent of marketers say they gained a new customer because of a video on social media. Including a video in addition to the content on social media or in an email campaign can make all the difference. 

Attract New Customers

Building brand awareness is vital, and video marketing is the best way to do that. Capture the attention of a new audience with a well-made video that makes a prospect want to pick up the phone and call you. The video should grab them, but not give too much information. Try identifying a common problem you know your customers face, and how you can provide them with the solution. For example, a Q & A video format. 

Social Media Campaigns

When’s the last time you’ve seen a video without an ad first playing? Unless you’re paying for a premium service, odds are you come across video ads in your day-to-day life. And so do your prospects. Put yourself out there with video marketing and make your sales pitch the ad that drives your sale. Social media campaigns are easier than ever to set up with many like Facebook and LinkedIn asking you basic questions about your goal and how to reach it. In addition, they can fill out a form on social media instead of going to your site. No matter the path, you’re gaining the sale through video marketing. 

Email Marketing

Adding a video to your email campaign can help it stand out. It may come as a surprise, though it shouldn’t, however, attaching an email can lead to a 200-300 percent increase in click-through rate. Billions of emails are sent daily to a society that’s busier than ever. Be unique, stand out, and grab their attention with video marketing. It can be just what you needed to gain a reply and get closer to the end goal, a sale. 

3. Maximize Conversions

With the right video content and a good video marketing strategy, conversion rates can be maximized. 

  • Sites that use video have a 4.8 percent conversion rate.
  • Conversion rates can increase up to 80 percent when you put a video on your landing page. 
  • Videos can boost ad campaign conversion rate by 34 percent.

Video Marketing Do’s and Don’ts 

video marketing girl


  • Be authentic.
  • Provide valuable information.
  • Be educational and entertaining.
  • Add subtitles (many watch videos without sound)


  • Be “Sales-y”
  • Rely on sound (85 percent of Facebook videos are watched on mute)
  • Create content YOU like (think about your audience)
  • Forget a CTA

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