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Is Your Supplier Company Prepared For Businesses To Go Back To Work?

As economies begin to reopen, many companies plan to implement a hybrid of remote and in-office work balance as employees settle into what seems like a foreign work environment. According to the CDC, nearly 15 percent of the United States population is fully vaccinated, as of April 2021. That is just the beginning, each day, the number of partial and fully vaccinated citizens rises. With a growing number of the population being vaccinated and heading back to work, it’s an optimum time to take a look at your business. Determine how this can benefit your company as an office supplier, and how you can prepare for the purchasing rise. 

Roaring 20s of B2B Purchasing

While employees and employers are returning to a work environment they have not been in for more than a year, the same applies to the technology and appliances they left behind. Whether the office manager meant to order a new coffee machine last March or they find that their copy machine no longer works. There is sure to be a rise in purchasing as the world settles back into the average pace. 

In addition to supplying employees with the “normal” necessities, they have also grown accustomed to working from home and having luxuries that may not have been available to them beforehand. Suppliers in the office food and beverage industry, office product industry, outsourced services industry and more should prepare and anticipate a rise in need within the next few months as people go back to work. 

Where To Begin?

Covid-19 took a toll on many supplier businesses. According to Yelp, back in September 2020, their research showed that 60 percent of closed companies would not be reopening. At that time, it seemed like there was no hope, and it was a tough time to push forward. But with the growing number of people being vaccinated, businesses should slowly but surely get back to normal. Most employers and employees are currently asking themself the same question, when can I go back to work after covid? As a supplier, this means you may not have seen your normal order numbers in about a year but should be prepared for a boost in the next coming months. 

We have established that companies will be going back to work soon, so what should you do next? Prepare. You know your industry more than anyone else, you also know your clients, be prepared to be able to take on orders and tasks as they pour in. It’s better to be prepared than lose out on the opportunity because you didn’t plan ahead. 

What Do Most Offices Need to go Back to Work?

Every business has a set of appliances and service needs. We’ve listed a few highlights of industries businesses will be looking to get service from in the coming months:

Office Copier and Office Equipment

According to The Global Commercial Printing Market, the commercial printing market is poised for remarkable growth over the next five years. This is exciting news for commercial printer suppliers who may not have had the best sales in 2020 due to Covid-19. However, now that people will be going back to work, they will require the vital component that is needed in the daily operations of many businesses, office copiers. 

Take a look at some strategies we suggest to empower and reinvigorate your sales team. 

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Water Services

Nothing says back to normal like a water cooler dispenser. It seems like such a long time since employees could bond at the water cooler station. Many businesses may require one once they go back to work. Or when small businesses can open the store they were forced to put it on hold due to the pandemic. Whether in need of a water cooler or bottled water delivery, there will be a need for this service soon. Make sure your business is their first choice by taking action now.

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Coffee Services

More than 50 percent of Americans drink coffee every day. Drinking coffee can help employees feel at ease when returning to their old office space. It’s no secret many people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. Companies will be looking for coffee suppliers or coffee machine suppliers to fill that need. Check-in on your past clients and ask if they’re ready to get back on track or reach out to new businesses. Make sure you’re getting ahead of the competition and following industry trends as people go back to work.  

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Access Control Systems

Now more than ever, there’s a new level of care when it comes to employee safety. As office managers begin their list of needs, an access control system will be at the top of their list. Features like remote security management will be beneficial for companies that may be going back to the office in phases.

Remote management would allow the company to set door schedules even if some employers won’t be in the office with employees. Take advantage of this buying period to let office managers know the various features of access control systems for business offices. 

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Business Phone Systems

A VoIP business phone system is ideal for any business, and many companies should have already switched to VoIP services when the pandemic first began. However, for those that didn’t, this is the perfect time frame to showcase the benefits of using a VoIP system. Now that many businesses will be conducting work through a hybrid of in-person and online workflow, VoIP is the ideal solution to their communication needs and can help cut costs. 

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Let 360Connect Help Your Supplier Company Succeed When Businesses Go Back To Work

Office managers are beginning to look at what’s essential for the office. It’s our priority to make sure we connect them with suppliers that can provide them with what they need.  Give 360’s revenue growth model a look, and learn more about how we can help boost your ROI on marketing expenses and connect with new customers as they head back to work. Let us help your business get back to normal, and then some. 

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