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7 Ways to Get More Medical Billing Clients

Whether you’re just starting your own medical billing company or you’re trying to grow your business, you’re likely looking for ways to get more medical billing clients. While it can be tricky to grow revenue right off the bat, there are strategic ways marketing your service that will set you up for success as your business matures.

Here, we will discuss the best practices to grow your medical billing business. Focusing on these strategies will help set your business up for a long, successful lifespan.

1. Research Competition in your Area

Many healthcare practitioners feel comfortable outsourcing their medical billing to a company that is local to them. One reason for this is that if they need immediate support, they don’t want to rely on phone calls 100% of the time to get the assistance they need. Whether you are a local or national company, spend some time getting to know other medical billing companies in the areas you service and what they offer. Especially if you are looking into starting your own company, you’ll want to know about the opportunities that exist in each area and how you can help various practices. This will give you a leg up over your competition.

2. Offer Niche Medical Billing Services

Many physicians are looking for medical billing from a company that is well-versed in their area of expertise. Many fear that medical billing companies who “specialize” in dozens of areas have themselves spread too thin, and will not truly focus on their particular area of specialty. 

Instead of trying to gain qualifications for every single type of medical billing, establish impressive credentials for just a few areas of specialty. Better yet, after you’ve done your research on other medical billers (as well as practices) in your area, see if you can gain credentials in a specialty that no one else is covering. Then, you’ll gain a reputation for being the best biller for that specialty in your area, and can quickly gain more medical billing clients.

3. Seek Referrals and Testimonials

The medical billing industry relies heavily on referrals from satisfied clients. While it may seem difficult to get that first referral, think of it as a foot in the door once you gain that positive feedback.

While you grow your business, focus intently on building rapport with your new clients. Go above and beyond what they ask of you and make sure they are satisfied with your service. If your company’s services stand out to your client, they are more likely to spread the word to other practices they know in the area. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask that satisfied client for a positive review. You can leave the testimonial on your website, or pass it along through email marketing and social media.

Another way you can spread the word about your business is is-person networking. Especially if you are a local operation, spend time talking to local practices about the services you offer. Create business cards and pass them around at local events, conferences, and other networking opportunities. “Word-of-mouth” referrals can also work in your favor.

4. Develop a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy

Many, if not most, medical practices today will use search engines to find business essentials like medical billers. One of the reasons for this is that doctors and other healthcare professionals have limited time on their hands. At the same time, their practice’s demands change frequently and they often have an immediate need for healthcare essentials. A search engine can be the quickest and most convenient way to find what they need.

Developing a digital approach to market your billing service can be crucial to winning new business. Using a non-branded strategy can draw new prospects to your website and acquire new customers. Some ways you can achieve this are:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

Do some keyword research to find out what your target market is searching for online. Then, invest in a PPC campaign to direct active buyers to your page. For instance, if you live in Austin, TX and have a medical billing service that specializes in Pediatrics, you might invest in keywords like “Pediatrician Billing in Austin Texas”

Social media marketing

Decision makers in medical offices may do their research for medical billers through social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Provide posts that include useful content about your medical billing services and use a hashtag that generates lots of organic traffic.

Content marketing

Publishing content is one of the most reliable ways to find genuinely interested prospects. Write blog posts and articles to post to your website, and optimize them through SEO strategy. When physicians are in the early stages of researching medical billing options, they may find your article and learn about your services.

5. Hire a Content Specialist or Graphic Designer

A great marketing strategy includes creating and distributing branded assets for your medical billing services. It can be a pivotal move to hire a talented content marketer or graphic designer. They can create visually appealing, well-written assets for you, such as brochures, business cards, and professional sales decks. Many can also do a site audit, to make sure your website material stands out professionally and is search engine optimized (SEO). When spending the time preparing these materials, when you are having a conversation with a prospect, you will be ready to hand them impressive professional materials for them to review with their colleagues. If your marketing materials stand out from your competition, you will be more likely to land the sale every time.

6. Distribute Newsletters and Direct Mail 

The medical industry is definitely a group of professionals who are looking to stay in the loop of the latest news and trends. One way you can catch the attention of your physicians in your area is to send them newsletters about things going on – both in the healthcare and medical billing fields. 

For instance, has there recently been a change in medical coding guidelines for your target market? Be the first to let your prospects know. Create a schedule to send out newsletters and direct mail, and stick to it. If your newsletter content is valuable, prospects will look forward to receiving your news. When they need your services, you will be at top of mind as an expert in the field, and you will be the first one they call for help. 

7. Implement a Nurture Campaign

It’s important to know that not every medical practice will be ready to consider outsourcing their billing right now. They may be too busy to weigh the pros and cons, or they are content with their current arrangement. However, at some point these practices may consider outsourcing and need help from your company.

When marketing your medical billing service, don’t give up after reaching out just one time. If a prospect is not interested at the moment, create a nurture campaign to reach back out periodically. Build a schedule to send out messages, such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If you continue to engage with the prospect, you will increase your chances of winning their business once they are ready to outsource.

If you are looking for a new way to attract new clients to your medical billing practice, 360Connect can help. For 13+ years, 360Connect has specialized in connecting medical billing companies with physicians who are actively looking to start a medical billing service. To get started, visit our supplier page and let us know how we can help.

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