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Why compete with other B2B companies?

Why Compete With Other Companies?

There’s nothing wrong with a little competition.

Why compete with other companies? That’s probably the first question you have after finding out the lead generation company you’re looking into will have you compete with others in your field for the end buyer. So, why is this? 

When it comes to making an important purchasing decision, many buyers prefer to shop around. Lead generation companies make it possible for buyers to shop in one location, and receive multiple quotes from suppliers like yourself. It is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the supplier.

Let’s discuss what lead sharing is and break down more of the ways competing with other suppliers for leads is beneficial and results in increased sales. 

What Is Lead Sharing?

A shared lead can be purchased by more than one company in the same industry. While the supplier knows that the potential customer is interested in their service and product, they will need to compete with others to win the buyer’s business. 

Does this sound frightening to you? Don’t let it, allow us to break this down to ease your mind. First and foremost, this is a common practice done by lead generation companies. Many times when shopping for a lead service, the agency also participates in lead sharing, and with good reason. 

It’s simple, if buyers want options, they work with a quote provider company, and if you work with that company, you have a larger pool of leads coming in. To put it another way, working with a company with a strong reputation can enhance your brand. 

How Does This Look In Practice? 


Greg Jones is looking to purchase a commercial copy machine for his business. He is no longer a fan of his current provider and wants to make the switch easy. While doing his research, he discovers quote services that provide multiple quotes at no additional charge. 


Multiple suppliers receive Greg Jones as a lead. Greg was going to shop around anyways, so this is just a faster way for him to compare providers. Using sales skills and knowledge, the right fit for Greg will gain a new prospect. 

Learn more about how to have a good contact rate. 

Lead Generation Company

The agency is attracting buyers and building their trust by providing a quote service they need. Meanwhile, they’re aiding suppliers by connecting them with prospects seeking their services. It is a WIN-WIN for all.

Reasons Lead Sharing Works  

There’s a reason why lead sharing exists, and that’s because it works. Deep down, suppliers fear competition, but it’s not so scary when you break it down. Take a look at why lead sharing works and can generate revenue for your business. 

Buyers Shop Around

Buyers want options! Most buyers need to see quotes from different companies before making a purchase. Rather than going to just one site or store, buyers now check multiple channels before making a decision. As a result, they turn to quote companies to provide them with quality matches. So, it makes sense for a supplier to compete with others to win their business if this will be the case regardless, however, working with a lead generation company ensures you’re gaining high-quality leads.

Exclusive Leads Don’t Exist

Most marketing channels are competitive, with many displaying 20+ suppliers to their clients. This is to highlight that there is no such thing as an exclusive lead anymore. Even if a company does not disclose that they share leads, they likely are. And if a company does offer “exclusive” leads, that lead is likely also looking elsewhere at the same time. In addition to you needing to make quick contact and close the sale, you can see how it’s not so exclusive at the end of the day.

lead sharing produces great ROI

Great Return On Investment 

Lead sharing is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It offers a high return on investment and can be utilized in several ways. It can help build relationships between businesses, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. With lead sharing, businesses can easily access a large number of potential customers, find out what their interests are, and then tailor their products and services to meet those needs. It also helps to foster collaboration between companies in the same industry, allowing them to better understand each other’s offerings and create even more growth opportunities. Lead sharing is an invaluable tool that can help businesses of all sizes maximize their return on investment.

  • You’ll save money by having your sales rep focus on what they do best – closing deals
  • In most cases, the leads cost less than half of what you would spend producing your own online.
  • According to 360Connect, suppliers can receive $7-$15 for every $1 invested, with some receiving even more.

Benefits Of Lead Sharing

If your business does not generate high-quality leads, you likely need or could benefit from a lead generation company. As a result, you will receive more leads and be able to generate more revenue. Although you may be wary of sharing leads with competitors, it is beneficial in the long run. Check out some of the benefits of lead sharing. 

lead sharing builds brand recognition

Build Brand Recognition

How can people choose your product if they don’t even know about it? Working with a reputable lead generation company can help you get your products or services on a buyer’s radar and help build your brand’s recognition and reputation.

lead sharing makes you money

Make Money

Lead sharing can be an incredibly profitable way to make money. It can open up new opportunities for your business and lead to increased sales. By forming strategic partnerships and leveraging the power of lead sharing, you can significantly increase your profits.

Bottom line, do you want to make money? If so, our method can increase your sales and generate new revenue. 

  • 80% of marketers think marketing automation generates more leads (and conversions)
  • Outsourcing lead generation generates 43% better results than in-house lead generation

Ready To Increase Revenue Using Lead Sharing?

At 360Connect, we’re focused on your success. We work with over 500+ suppliers and process over 500,000 quote requests yearly. If you’re anxious to improve sales and achieve maximum ROI, sign up today!

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