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MHEDA: Membership Advantages & More

Who is MHEDA?

The Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, aka MHEDA, is a non-profit trade organization for material handling equipment business leaders. MDEHA is based in Wauconda, IL and has been supporting the material handling equipment business industry for 65+ years and counting.

The primary goals of MHEDA include:

  • Providing leading industry research and news to material handling equipment business leaders
  • Making professional and leadership training widely available
  • Offering networking opportunities between businesses and industry leaders 
  • Allowing material handling businesses access to insightful industry data
  • Informing the material handling equipment community about new trends
  • More generally, helping material handling equipment businesses grow and succeed

Currently, MHEDA has over 600 material handling equipment distributors and manufacturers as part of their “membership” network. The current president (CFO) is Mike Vaughan. You can explore their board of directors as well as the latest industry trends on their website. 

Supported Industries and Business Types

MHEDA primarily supports the material handling equipment and forklifts industries, particularly:

  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Associates 
  • Factory-owned businesses and branches
  • Special service providers 

MHEDA members offer anything and everything relating to material handling purposes, including industrial trucks and forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors and more.

Membership Advantages and Opportunities 

  1. Exclusive access to industry news, resources, trends, and data. Members receive benchmarking reports, forecasts, and economic advisories every year. Reports include information and key insights on how to generate more profit for your business. 
  2. Opportunities to share your expertise in a professional presentation setting.  Currently, MHEDA is hosting video-based member-to-member sessions due to COVID-19.
  3. Onboarding resources. MHEDA provides resources for businesses hiring new employees valued at around $2,500.
  4. Networking opportunities. Gain access to conferences and video-based sessions to meet with material handling industry professionals and gain advice and industry knowledge.
  5. Access publications, podcasts, newsletters, journals, and videos. Widen your expertise and knowledge by taking advantage of MHEDA’s publications, podcasts, videos, and more covering topics like sales and marketing, management, customer satisfaction and retention, and much more.
  6. Cost saving programs. MHEDA partners with businesses to provide their members with valuable cost saving opportunities for their business. 
  7. Sponsorship opportunities. Apply for a sponsorship opportunity with MHEDA to get your business brand in front of hundreds of members and industry leaders.
  8. Award opportunities. MHEDA has two award programs for members – the MVP Award for distributors and integrators, and the MVS (Most Valuable Supplier) award for suppliers and associates. This is a great way to get brand recognition and acknowledgement for what you do.

Conferences and Networking Opportunities

MHEDA traditionally holds at least 1-2 annual conferences. However, due to COVID-19 they have pivoted to virtual conferences in 2020 and possibly 2021. Their 2021 conference had originally been scheduled in April 2021 in Austin, TX, but registration and booth sales are currently postponed. 

We recommend checking back for updates throughout the year, as well as joining their 2021 conference virtually if circumstances remain the same. You can also keep tabs on MHEDA’s calendar of events and conferences to look out for any opportunities that appeal to your business. 

Joining MHEDA and Additional Resources 

To join MHEDA, visit their website to explore membership prices, put in an application, and get in touch with the organization directly. 

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