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Adjust your Storage Container Business to the Next Normal

We’ve been speaking with container companies about the state of business lately. Whether they’re doing well right now or not, many are struggling to wrap their heads around what changes they need to make to stay successful in 2020 and beyond. For instance, some long-time local dealers are used to on-site appointments where they can show off products on their lot and shake hands with buyers as they close the deal. Now suddenly, they can’t do this anymore. Other companies are wondering how to improve their digital sales strategy to stay ahead as things keep shifting. Remember not all change is bad! We urge you to see this situation as an opportunity to modernize your brand, improve your sales system, and win even more business – no matter what your sales look like lately. Here’s 360Connect’s advice for adjusting your business to the “next normal.”

1. Change your Attitude

In our 10+ years of experience helping companies improve sales, we’ve learned firsthand how attitude and success are directly related. Now more than ever, it’s easy to blame the economy or “tire-kickers” for low sales. Trust us: we do it too! These things are definitely a challenge, but it doesn’t mean selling is impossible. Believe it or not, thinking you will hit your sales goals is the first step to improving sales.

Sander’s selling system shows how even during an uncontrollable challenge like an economic crisis, the pillars of success are attitude + behavior + technique.

You can have the best containers in the world, but if your sales team has a losing attitude you won’t hit your goals. Attack the challenge head-on and focus on things you can control, like proactive behavior and using an effective sales system.

2. Know why your Ideal Customer is Buying

One common misconception in sales is that buyers only buy when they have a logical reason. Actually, buyers make purchase decisions based on emotion. Then, they justify that decision using logic. Sandler’s selling system says:

“The first problem the prospect brings you is never the real problem.”

What does this mean? Customers buy because of a feeling caused by the idea of not having a storage container (for instance, “If I don’t get a container now, inventory will pile up and I’ll be scrambling for a solution”). After they buy, they find a logical reason to justify (for instance, “I bought because the price was right”).

This is crucial to know right now because emotions are running high. Once you understand your customer’s pain points that drive them to buy, you can establish trust and rapport by offering solutions directly related to those pains.

What’s the quickest way to understand why your customers are buying? Just ask. Start with: “Can I ask why you are looking to buy a container?” Most times, what follows will be a unique story, problem, and then ultimately a feeling that is driving the sale (instead of price).

3. Improve your Digital Sales Strategy

Now is the time to develop a reliable digital sales strategy. Even if you’re new to virtual selling, there’s simple ways to get your product visible online.

  • Make sure your website looks trustworthy. Think about it: would you buy from a website that includes little detail about the brand and its products? Add value props to your website like buyer testimonials, years in business, and an “about us” section to improve credibility.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire an expert. It’s worth the money. 
  • Set up a basic email drip to introduce your brand to new prospects. Automated email marketing is seriously under-rated. And no, you don’t need to spend tons of money to use it! There are easy, cost-effective email platforms (we recommend Zoho CRM Plus to our clients) that send perfectly-executed emails to every prospect. You’ll never have to worry about rushing to write a strong email while busy. Email drips are proven to improve contact rates and help you close more deals.
  • Create videos to sell your containers. Videos are one of the most effective ways to win new business today, especially when buyers can’t see your product in person.  A 2020 report showed that simple videos used in emails or landing pages boosted conversion rates by almost 90%. Videos will cater to buyers’ short attention spans and effectively show off your products remotely. It can be as easy as using your iPhone to show your container’s features and sending it to prospects who want to see more before buying.

We know it can be difficult to know what sales moves to make next. Adjusting your storage container business to the next normal isn’t easy! Keep a proactive attitude, be open-minded to ways to improve your business model, and keep getting business done. We’re confident you’ll dig your toes in and come out stronger than ever.

If you’re looking to grow your business or improve sales in this economy, give 360Connect’s program a look.

Best of luck!

Want to grow your business?
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