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Are you looking for access control systems in the Akron, Ohio area? Whether you are considering a access control system for your business or personal use, 360Connect can service all of your access control system needs. More importantly, we can provide your businesses quality suppliers to make sure you can expect nothing but excellence. We help find the best solution for your budget with 100% free quotes.

Access Control Systems in Akron, Ohio

For over 15 years 360Connect has helped thousands of businesses based on the mission and goal of helping them succeed. 

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Deciphering the right access control systems for your needs can be tiring. From researching quotes to understanding what type of access control systems you need; the process can be dauting. Time is money. But the process doesn’t have to drain your time or money. At 360Connect we can supply multiple quotes based on your needs in a simplified process.

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Access Control Systems in Akron, Ohio

Are you considering access control systems in Akron, Ohio? If so, 360Connect can help you find the right supplier for your business needs, no matter the size or location of your business. Think you can’t find the right supplier who can handle all of your needs? Think again! We want to work with you to find the company that best fits your needs. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach, but a calculated and detailed examination of your budget and needs! 

For over 15 years 360Connect has been helping thousands of businesses based on the mission and goal of helping them succeed.  

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Deciding the right access control system for you can seem complicated but it doesn’t have to be. Access control systems can be intuitive and easy to implement with the right guidance. At 360Connect We can help you find a supplier based on your needs and with your exact specifications in mind. 

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Price and Types of Access Control Systems in Akron, Ohio

There are many types of access control systems you should consider. Your company, budget, and future growth plans will all affect the type of system you choose. Furthermore, not all systems are created equal, and not all systems have the same benefits. 

Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

If you were looking for the highest level of security, then a mandatory access control system is perfect for you. It is a centralized operating system that controls any access point. Whether that be an entrance, hallways, offices, or exits. Your administrator will grant and restrict access based on needs. The centralized operating system is usually located off-site. These systems are often used by high-level government organizations as well as top medical facilities.  

Discretionary Access Control (DAC) 

A discretionary access control system is controlled onsite of a business. Every entry point in DAC systems typically has a list of users that can be granted or denied access. The administrator can then update the system as needed. This can be useful when hiring or firing employees as well as creating special authorization. 

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) 

In a role-based access control system, access is granted based on an individual’s rank within the company. Access is granted by a title instead of an individual’s own information. An administrator can update the list as employees and move up the ranks. This option can be best for companies that already have a clear hierarchy and have clear protocols. Once the information is loaded into the system, you can start implementing the system overnight. These systems often use a key fob or external keyless entry method. 

Rule-Based Access Control 

In this system, access is granted based on “rules” rather than job titles. Sometimes it can also incorporate role-based access as well. Yet, there are specific parameters on when employees can access certain company facilities. For instance, an employee may only be granted access to be a certain office on Thursday afternoons. This can be a great option for those looking to set hard parameters on working hours or timed events.  

To read more about access control authentication methods check out our article here: 

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Average Price of Access Control Systems in Akron, Ohio

These prices are based on averages within the industry. You may find that certain companies offer different pricing based on bundling or combining multiple services. Before making a decision, make sure to receive multiple quotes for your business. That way you’re getting the best deal possible. 

Access Control HardwareSecurity CamerasSensors and AlarmsDetectorsSet-up and installationMonthly Upkeep
$800-$1,200 per door$100-$600 per camera$150-500 per item$60-$300 per item$300-$700$15-$120 per month
Check more cost options in our article: How Much does a Business Security System Cost? 

Who Needs Access Control Systems in Akron, Ohio?

As companies and government entities are incorporating more technology, they are compiling sensitive customer and employee information. Those data bits and business practices need to stay protected at all times. A control access system gives you the best opportunity to protect your business or government entity. Access control systems allow you to restrict the flow too sensitive materials or proprietary products. Not to mention, access control systems allow lockdown initiations, which be vital in emergency situations. If you fall into one of these categories, you should consider an access control system in Akron, Ohio.

Government Entities 

At almost every government today you will deal with highly sensitive information pertaining to citizens. Access control systems can help local, state, and federal government buildings. You can set clear guidelines for security, as well as implement emergency protocols. If you need a cost-effective method for controlling access in your facilities, an access control system is the way to go. These systems provide security at a fraction of the overall costs of using a manual locking system over the long term.  Implementing an access control system demonstrates to your citizens that you care about their information as well as employee safety. 

Medical Facilities 

Keeping medical records safe is extremely important when it comes to running a hospital or medical facility. One of the best ways to make sure that information stays safe is to use an access control system to restrict that information. Not only can you restrict patient information, but keep costly medical equipment protected as well. 

Access control systems can also be used in a more straightforward way. You can keep members of the public from accessing hospital areas, protecting them and yourself from outbreaks of coronavirus. 

To find out more about how access control systems can help healthcare facilities, check out our guide here. 

Financial Institution 

When it comes to guarding and holding money the last thing you want to happen is a breach of security. Access control systems allow for banks and other financial institutions to adapt to ever-evolving criminal activities. From preventing employee fraud to surveillance integration, an access control system is a must for financial institutions. Cloud-based access control systems allow you to monitor your facilities and ensure you’re always secure.

Law Enforcement Facilities 

When it comes to a law enforcement building, security has to be a foundational component. For local law enforcement facilities, an access control system can help you monitor: 

  • Weapons Room Access 
  • Evidence Room Access 
  • Entrance and Exit Points 
  • Hallway Transfers 
  • Visitors 
  • Jail cells 
  • Breakroom Access 
  • Restrooms Access 

In the event of an attempted jailbreak, an access control system can initiate a lockdown system that can prevent inmates from escaping. 

Education Facilities

Schools also must protect data and sensitive school materials. Access control systems can prevent outsider access to this material. Access control systems have the added benefit of keeping kids in class, preventing them from hiding in closets or other closed-off areas. Furthermore, schools should heavily consider access control systems because of their lockdown capabilities. In the event of an active shooter, weather event, or catastrophe, school authorities can lock down the school preventing entrance or capturing the criminal in a subsection of the school. 

Law Firms 

Law firms handle sensitive and classified information as well. If you want to make sure that client information is safe and secure, then you need an access control system. These systems help you know who has client information and why they may have that information. This protects the law firm from misplacing documents and keeps client information safe from outside eyes. 

Data Centers 

Data Centers span the globe and often incorporate a remote workforce. With all that data you need a flexible system that can protect your employees, customers, and any other party involved. Big data, left in the wrong hands, can spell disaster for large segments of the population. With a control access system, you can protect your data center even when employees are working remotely. 

General Businesses 

If at any point your company is planning on dealing with sensitive employee information, or you just want to protect your facilities, an access control system can be beneficial. It allows you to track employees as well as prevent bad actors from entering your facilities. Access control systems can also be customized to your specific situation. 

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If you work in the hotel industry, then you are very familiar with access control systems. Most hotels would not be functional without access control systems. To keep your staff and guests safe and happy, consider an access control system that will ensure security.  

Want to check out more information about hotels and access control systems take a look at our guide here

Fitness Centers

Gyms and fitness centers are providing their members with 24hr access to their facilities now more than ever. The best way to keep track of access and easily add or remove privileges is through an access control system. You don’t have to hassle with any keys and can easily teach staff the fundamentals of setting up a new “key” 

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