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The Importance of Access Control During Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted the level of safety and cleanliness within every industry. Businesses and employers are keeping a close eye on CDC Guidelines as well as local guidelines and OSHA to enhance the safety of employees and their company’s future. To do this, employers have adopted contact-free solutions using access control to keep distance between employees. 

With the number of Americans vaccinated growing daily, businesses are looking for solutions to keep employees safe when they return. Or keep their assets safe if managers will need to work from home. Access Control is the security solution employers need, but may not know it yet. 

Suppliers in the field of security, especially access control, understand that access control has several features and solutions to aid businesses. Take a look at some of the 2021 market trends we’ve listed below. Gain insight on how your supplier business can market access control solutions during Covid-19.

Touchless Solutions Using Access Control

Going beyond social distancing, many companies are opting for a contact-free environment. For example, you may have noticed an increase in hand-free doors. Hand-free doors are an immense step in the right direction. We can see that businesses are opting for this just by visiting a local small business. But what if you told them there are even better solutions?

Check out the following touchless solution market trends: 

ID Card

In a study done by Openpath in 2019, they found that 40 percent of employees surveyed said they find it difficult or unpleasant to get into their office every day. This pain point is already known. When we add the level of difficulty Covid-19 has added, ID Cards are ideal solutions for companies having trouble getting into the office daily.

Whether working partially remote or full-time in the office, employees and employers can benefit from access control ID Cards. They can prevent people from needing to touch multiple doors and increase the contactless goal many are striving to achieve. 

Video Security & Facial Recognition

Statista predicts that by 2023, the video surveillance market will grow three times the size it was in 2016 to $62.6 billion. This is great data, and we know the video security market is on the rise, but it’s important for suppliers to maintain and grow their audience during Covid-19.

Video security is the perfect peace of mind solution every office needs. Many cameras now feature facial recognition. This feature can enable employers to keep an eye on who is accessing the building and when. 

Mobile Access Control

According to a survey done by HID in 2019, 54 percent of businesses will or have upgraded to a mobile access control system. Mobile access is an optimum solution for remote and in-office work environments. It allows employees and employers to gain and grant access to work areas from their mobile devices without the need of a key card.

With many companies on board with the digital age push, it’s ideal for suppliers to push this access security option to customers. Therefore, if you are not currently offering this service, we suggest you begin. 

New Safety Measures Using Access Control

Suppliers know that access control features can enhance the safety of employers and employees, but what about the added safety bonuses it provides when used in a new way? Yes, access control allows for contactless entry, but how else can it be utilized?

The CDC and OSHA have provided businesses with new and improved ways to keep businesses running safely and efficiently. We recommend access control suppliers stay on top of these suggestions to gain ideas on how to gain new prospects. 

Pre-Entry Screening

As discussed, mobile access allows employees to gain access to the building using their phones. Additional steps employers can take is having employees complete an online assessment on their health daily or weekly before entering the building. If the assessment is not filled out, the employer will remove access from the employee. This is a great use of access control during covid-19 and should be marketed to prospects. 

If your business does not work with mobile access control; the same practice can work for ID cards and video security. 

Enhanced Access Protocols 

Access control, in simple terms, is a method of restricting who has access and who does not. Due to Covid-19, it is vital employers and employees are safe and protected in physical work environments. If an employee or employer were to contact covid-19, there should be enhanced protocols in place. For example, an ID card or mobile access should be removed from that employee for the time being. This is a proactive approach and it is an enhanced utilization of access control that businesses can benefit from. 

Gain New Prospects During Covid-19

At 360Connect, we understand it has been a tough year for many in the access control field, and you may be anxious to improve sales. We’re here to help you do just that. Using our Revenue Growth Program, we help our clients achieve great close rates and add sales revenue to their bottom line.

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