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Goal Setting for Success in 2024

Every year, sales teams set ambitious goals for the new year. It’s a time when you feel invincible. You can conquer whatever the next year will bring. Goals are set and a new year's resolution for more leads is established. Yet, if this were the case, wouldn’t all businesses be drowning in leads?

In reality, research shows only 46 percent of people keep their resolutions for at least six months, and only 8 percent keep them for the entire year. Why such a low percentage? Well, wishing and hoping for success is one thing. But having solid objectives and milestones is the key to staying on track and reaching sales goals. 

It’s time to reconsider the way you set goals.

goal setting recipe

Creating a Recipe for Success

Success. Everyone interprets the word differently. But in sales, the definition of success is simple: more clients and less turnover. You just need to create the right recipe to reach your sales target. That’s why we created the goal-setting cookbook.

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  • Track Your Goals
  • Monitor Progress
  • Determine weekly activity needed to acheive results.

Goal Setting for Success Cookbook

goal setting cookbook

Step 1: Create the Goal

“People are not lazy, they simply have goals that do not inspire them.”

- Tony Robbins

What’s Your Purpose?

We don’t mean to get philosophical. But to achieve goals, you must first find your purpose. What gets you up in the morning? What drives you? And exactly what is making you WANT to accomplish a task? To create attainable plans, you need a goal that inspires you. 

What are your Short Term Goals?

Sales agents often have a variety of goals in mind. To achieve any of them, you must break down the bigger ones into shorter, attainable targets. Identify the short-term goals that will lead you to your long-term goal. 

What are your Long Term Goals?

With so many current priorities in mind, setting your long-term business plans may seem like a waste of time. Having said that, setting long-term goals is extremely important if you want to succeed. Your short-term and yearly objectives should always aim toward achieving your long-term goals. 

Tangible vs Intangible

The term tangible refers to anything you can feel, touch, and see. Thus tangible goals are things like percentages, figures, and things you can plan to achieve. On the other hand, the term intangible refers to something that does not physically exist. You cannot feel, touch, or see it. However, intangible goals are needed to reach tangible goals. Keep the two types in mind when developing your strategy.

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Bonus: SMART Sales Goals 

Being SMART about your sales goal is essential for any sales agent. 






Step 2: Scale the Goal

To achieve your target, you’ll need to scale it.

Commission Goals

Determine what your commission goals are. Establishing an appropriate commission objective is an excellent way to stay motivated to make sales. 

Sales Goals

With a commission plan in mind, determine the sales goal you’ll need to get you there. (pro tip: make sure these are realistic numbers). 

Opportunity Goals

Sales opportunities are qualified leads that have expressed a high level of interest in a product or service and are likely to become customers. To meet your commission and sales objectives, you’ll need a steady stream of opportunities. 

  • Leads that meet the following criteria are typically ready to be converted into opportunities:
    • Budget
    • Authority
    • Need
    • Timeline

Step 3: Determine Goal Activity

What activities will you complete to meet your aim?

Cold Calls

Although cold calling isn't a salesperson's favorite activity, it is a great way to find untapped sales opportunities. Calling quickly and persistently results in the highest close rates for our clients. 

  • 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople after a series of contacts beginning with sales cold calls.
  • 78% of sales representatives who use social media report that researching prospects on social networks helps them perform better on the job.

Cold Emails

It’s not enough to send a quick email after calling an unresponsive buyer. What works better is coming up with a well-planned email strategy. It should take into account factors like time of day, promotional or other enticing offers, subject line optimization, mobile device optimization, and more.


Building a relationship with your new clients should be your top priority as you work toward your sales targets. Provide them with superior service and go beyond what they expect. When your service stands out to a client, they are more likely to recommend your company to other businesses.


Identifying potential customers is the primary purpose of prospecting. The focus here is to identify leads who need your product or service to solve their problems and pain points. Your prospecting efforts should aim to boost your sales. 

Step 4: Set Goal Deadlines

How do you plan to reach your objective?


Setting manageable weekly goals helps you stay motivated. In addition, you can track your sales team’s progress toward meeting monthly quotas. 

  • Example of weekly sales goal: Make 100 cold calls this week. 


By setting monthly targets, sales agents can shift their focus from big-picture objectives to more specific, achievable goals that can be accomplished in a few weeks. Additionally, monthly goals are a good indicator of how you're doing in reaching your quarterly goals. (Tip: Hold monthly meetings to discuss shortcomings and develop improvement plans).


Reaching your yearly goal can seem out of sight and reach. Setting quarterly goals provides expectations and a target for your sales team to achieve. (Tip: Only set three priorities for each quarter).

John C. Maxwell’s “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” is a great way to look at quarterly goals. In his book, he lays out the framework of each season and how it can lead to your success. 

  • Winter is the season for planning
  • Spring is the Season for Planting
  • Summer is the Season for Perspiration
  • Autumn is the Season for Produce

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