Tradeshow Booth Shipping Containers

When it comes to showing off your brand at a tradeshow, you will want to find the most impressive display possible to gain more customers and clients. Did you know that shipping containers can be reused as tradeshow booths or displays? Shipping containers are versatile, sturdy steel structures that can be converted into just about anything these days. Certain types of shipping containers, such as open-top, open-side, and flat rack containers can make excellent tradeshow booths. Plus, they help companies save money on tradeshow materials, labor, set-up, customization, and much more.

What are the benefits of tradeshow booth shipping containers?

When you need a customizable display to show off your brand at a tradeshow, shipping containers are the perfect option. Some of the reasons companies choose to work with a shipping container supplier for tradeshow display solutions include:

Fast, easy set-up

Compared to other tradeshow booth and display options (ie. tents), shipping containers allow for an easier and faster set-up. Most tradeshow booth shipping containers come pre-assembled with displays and just require a seamless delivery and set-up. Some suppliers can even help you with set-up upon delivery.


Shipping containers are entirely portable and relocatable, making them great options for tradeshow booths. Suppliers can deliver the custom shipping container anywhere along with everything you need for the tradeshow display. This will all be packed and delivered to you, and you can also relocate it after the show is over.

Note: this service is only available for portable storage containers.


Standard shipping containers are 8.5 feet tall and 8 feet wide. However, they can be easily stacked on top of one another or side by side to create the height and width that’s ideal for your tradeshow. Lots of companies choose to create two-story tradeshow displays (aka “double deckers”) by stacking two shipping containers on top of one another.


Shipping container suppliers can support endless design and customization options to make your tradeshow booth as unique as possible. This is key for tradeshows to catch the attention of prospects and draw them to your brand. You can include exterior brand displays, backdrops, furniture, stairs, ramps, railings, and much more.

(Note: Shipping containers come in standard sizing and offer certain add-on features, however, additional customization like furniture, etc. will not be provided by the supplier)

Highly Secure 

Shipping containers are made of high-quality steel and come equipped with highly secure locking mechanisms. This ensures your company’s tradeshow materials will remain secure at all times – before, during, and after the tradeshow.


Is your tradeshow located outdoors? Or do you need to store your tradeshow booth outside before or after the show? Rest assured that your shipping container booth will be weather-proof, preventing valuable assets from getting destroyed during inclement weather.


Some companies pay trade shows for displays or booths, which can get costly. Others choose to rent pricey equipment which can add to your tradeshow budget and take away from your R.O.I. from visiting the show. Customized tradeshow booth shipping containers provide one of the most cost-effective and seamless display options. Plus, you can reuse the display at tradeshows in the future, making the cost worth it in the end.

Does it make sense to use a shipping container for your tradeshow booth?

A tradeshow booth shipping container can be an investment, especially if you choose to customize it and design it particularly. Additionally, a shipping container may not make sense to use for all tradeshows. When it comes to deciding whether or not a shipping container makes sense to use at your tradeshow, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you plan to use the booth at several events? Since customized tradeshow booth containers can be an overhead investment, it’s best that you plan to use the booth at several events moving forward to make sure you get the best return on investment.
  2. How much room will you have for your display? Some tradeshows will allow your company lots of room for your display. At other events you may be more constricted in terms of space. Keep in mind that standard-sized containers are 20 feet long, but some are 10 feet or 40 feet. Some shows only allow “inline booths,” which would be too small to accommodate a shipping container. Check out these different types of tradeshow booth displays. 
  3. Are shipping container booths allowed? You also need to ask tradeshow event managers if they permit shipping container booths. Not every event may allow shipping containers as booth displays.

Tradeshow Booth Features

One of the reasons so many companies utilize shipping containers for tradeshow booths is because they accommodate unique, eye-catching features and designs. In fact, you can customize your shipping container with endless features that will entice foot traffic to stop by and chat with your representatives. Some add-on features and customization options include: 

  • Locks and security 
  • Printing and wrap graphics 
  • Furniture
  • Shelving and display materials
  • Stairs or ramp
  • Doors (sliding, glass, etc.)
  • Interactive features
  • Electricity and charging stations
  • Air conditioning
  • Bathrooms 
  • Storage space
  • And more 

Sizes and Dimensions

There are lots of different size and dimension options when it comes to choosing your tradeshow booth shipping container. Some options include:

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In addition to size and dimension, your supplier can work with you to choose a configuration that works for your brand image. These configurations can enhance the visual display of your company and attract new customers. Some configuration options include:

  • Open wall aka “open-side”
  • Retail walk up
  • Barn or sliding door
  • Bi-fold
  • Drop down or double drop down

Make sure to ask your supplier about more configuration options that they can accommodate, as well as recommendations!


The cost of your tradeshow booth shipping container will depend on several factors, including:

  • Rent or purchase
  • Container condition
  • Add-on features and customizations
  • Size
  • Delivery and set-up

Therefore, it’s difficult to predict how much exactly your container will cost since each tradeshow booth is completely unique. To learn more about how these factors influence cost, be sure to take a look at our shipping container cost guide.

Note: Check with your supplier about add-on features and customizations they offer.

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