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Are you looking for medical billing companies in the Gresham, Oregon area? Whether you are considering a medical billing company for your business or personal use, 360Connect can service all of your medical billing company needs. More importantly, we can provide your businesses quality suppliers to make sure you can expect nothing but excellence. We help find the best solution for your budget with 100% free quotes.

Medical Billing in Gresham, Oregon

For over 15 years 360Connect has helped thousands of businesses based on the mission and goal of helping them succeed. 

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Deciphering the right medical billing for your needs can be tiring. From researching quotes to understanding what type of medical billing you need; the process can be dauting. Time is money. But the process doesn’t have to drain your time or money. At 360Connect we can supply multiple quotes based on your needs in a simplified process.

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Our Local Medical Billing Companies in Gresham, Oregon

Do you need medical billing company options in Gresham, Oregon? Whether you need medical billing services for a small specialty practice or you need to service a large hospital, 360Connect can handle all of your needs.  

For over 15 years 360Connect has helped thousands of businesses based on the mission and goal of helping them succeed. 

Finding the Right Medical Billing Company in Gresham, Oregon

Finding the right service provider for medical billing is a tall ask for most companies. If you are looking for information to find the right company for you and would like to compare quotes from competitive suppliers, we’ve got your back. The process doesn’t have to be draining or a nuisance. In fact, with the right information, it is very enlightening. We offer multiple quotes for medical billing companies in Gresham, Oregon to help you find the best option for you! 

Services Medical Billing Companies Offers in Gresham, Oregon

Not every medical billing company is the same and is going to offer the same services. If fact, depending on your needs and specialty, a medical billing company could offer just a specific set of services. However, below is a general outline of most duties covered by medical billing.  

Patient Registration 

Medical billing companies can help with patient registration including gathering and verifying documents, ensuring document accuracy, and providing clear customer instructions. Medical billing companies can take over this process entirely for you or help train your staff for best practices. Patient registration is about recording data such as: 

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Insurance Provider 
  • Policy Number 
  • And more. 

A medical billing company can help you simplify this process or better manage this documentation.   

Insurance Verification 

Prior to treatment, a billing business verifies the patient’s insurance information to ensure active coverage. This stage determines whether services are covered, as well as co-pay amounts, deductibles, and any pre-authorizations required for certain procedures.  

Medical Coding 

One of the most important parts of the medical billing process is medical coding. The process of medical coding involves converting healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal codes. They can specialize in or handle different types of coding like: 

  • ICD 
  • CPT 
  • HCPCS 

The medical billing company can either do this coding for you or they can review your coding for billing purposes. They can also help keep you up to date on various changes to coding practices and procedures.   

Claim Submission 

Most clinics partner with medical billing companies to handle their claims submission process. This may mean that the medical billing company completes the entire process for you or helps you improve your practices claims submission practice. They will also track and follow up with the insurance company to make sure claims are processed and paid.  

Medical billing companies can help to reduce the amount of time that it takes for patients to receive their insurance payments. These companies can also help to reduce the amount of administrative work that medical providers have to do. This can free up providers to spend more time on patient care. 

Payment Posting 

Payments collected from insurers or patients are entered into your clinic’s billing system. Proper posting ensures that account balances are correct and that any inconsistencies between billed and received amounts are identified. Medical billing companies can monitor and pinpoint incorrect balances and help rectify them with patients.  

Denial Management 

Denials are the bane of every practice’s billing department. You don’t have to go it alone though! Medical billing companies can help manage your denials and resubmit them on your behalf. Denials are analyzed to determine why they were denied, including coding errors, missing information, or uncovered services. These claims are corrected and resubmitted by the billing company on your behalf. The best part? You’ll be working with experts in the field of medical billing who can navigate complex claim denials.  

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Management 

Medical billing is a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, these companies have experts to help you navigate accounts receivable and verify potential payments. This will improve your accuracy and reduce your need for full-time employees. You can then free up more time and money to hire staff that can help with patient care and support.  

Patient Billing and Collections 

After insurance payments, any remaining balance is billed to the patient. Medical companies will handle this for you. They may help you with monthly statements, handling inquiries, setting up payment plans, or referring long-unpaid accounts to collection agencies. Medical billing companies can help you navigate the collections process and help you devise the best plans for patient billing. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Want to learn more insights about your billing process and the health of your clinic? Medical billing companies can help you analyze many different metrics such as: 

  • Collection rates 
  • Denial rates 
  • Days in A/R 
  • Charge capture rate 
  • Coding accuracy rate 
  • Claims processing time 
  • Patient satisfaction 
  • And more!  

Credentialing Services 

In order for providers to bill insurance companies, they must be credentialed, which means they are recognized as legitimate healthcare providers. The process of credentialing involves paperwork, background checks, and sometimes interviews. Billing companies streamline this process. They work daily with these insurance providers and can help you navigate this process. 

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration 

Medical billing companies can help with the transition and integration of an EHR system. The elimination of manual data entry between EHR and billing systems reduces errors and increases efficiency. The interface guarantees that clinical data flows automatically into the invoicing system. You don’t have to hire an entire IT department to make this transition, instead, you can work with your medical billers to make this a reality.  

Compliance and Auditing 

Medical billing must follow a variety of standards, such as HIPAA, which safeguards patient data. Billing firms verify that processes are compliant. Medical billing companies may perform audits on a regular basis to discover areas of risk or inefficiency. 

Patient Support and Inquiries 

Did you know that medical billing companies can help with patient support as well? It’s true! Patients frequently have billing questions. A specialized support system with the medical billing company can answer these questions, explain prices, and handle conflicts, ultimately increasing patient satisfaction. 

Payer Contract Negotiation 

Contract arrangements with insurance companies have a substantial impact on revenue. Medical billing businesses can negotiate arrangements on your behalf to ensure better reimbursement rates and conditions for providers. 

Types of Medical Billing Companies in Gresham, Oregon 

Is every medical billing company the same? Absolutely not! Some medical billing companies will handle specialty items, while others can handle your general needs when running a family clinic. In other words, choosing the right type of medical billing company can make all the difference.   

Small-scale or Home-based Billing Companies 

Many of these companies are small teams or sole proprietorships that manage the billing processes for individual practitioners or clinics. In some cases, they work from home or from a small commercial space. 


  • Personalized service: Customers can expect tailored solutions and high levels of attention. 
  • Flexibility: These companies are able to customize their processes to meet the requirements of each provider. 
  • Cost-effective: Due to fewer overhead costs, they may be able to provide cheap rates. 


  • Limited capacity: They might struggle to handle large volumes of claims or the rapid growth of a medical practice. 
  • Limited resources: In comparison to larger competitors, they may lack innovative technology or software solutions. 
  • Dependency: If the business owner falls sick or goes on vacation, there might be delays in the billing process. You are at the mercy of the small team that is handling your claims. 

Specialty-specific Billing Companies 

These companies focus exclusively on certain medical billing specialties, such as oncology, cardiology, dermatology, and more. 


  • Expertise: Deep understanding of specialized billing codes, subtleties, and issues linked to the specialization. 
  • Efficiency: Customized methods result in speedier claim processing and lower denial rates. 
  • Updated practices: These medical billing companies stay current with any changes or updates specific to that medical specialty. 


  • Limited versatility: If a medical practice expands its services outside the specialty, the billing company might not be equipped to handle it. 
  • Potentially higher costs: Niche expertise can sometimes command premium pricing as it does in other fields of medicine and treatment.  

Regional or Local Billing Companies 

These companies serve healthcare providers in a specific region or locality, offering services tailored to that area. These may be ideal for dealing with state-specific healthcare regulations and insurance providers, although it is not always necessary.  


  • Local knowledge: Understanding of regional regulations, payer preferences, and typical procedures. 
  • Personal touch: You’ll be able to have in-person meetings and consultations. 
  • Community reputation: A well-known local billing company might use its reputation to its advantage when negotiating with local insurance. 


  • Limited scale: Not suited to handle nationwide operations if a healthcare provider expands. 
  • Regional limitations: If a provider works with a large number of out-of-state patients or insurers, the medical billing provider may lack knowledge or competence. 

National or Large-scale Billing Companies 

These are large entities serving clients across states, nations, and even across the globe. They are equipped with extensive resources and standardized processes. 


  • Scalability: These firms can handle high amounts of claims and the expansion of massive healthcare systems. 
  • Advanced technology: Frequently have the most recent billing software, analytics tools, and electronic health record (EHR) integrations. 
  • Wide expertise: Experience dealing with a wide range of medical specialties and insurance companies across the country. Has the dedicated manpower to tackle large jobs and handle insurers.  


  • Impersonal: They may lack the personal touch and specialized solutions of smaller companies and teams. 
  • Bureaucracy: Larger entities might get tied down in procedures and bureaucratic bloat instead of being able to react quickly to a new change.  

Full-service Medical Billing Companies 

These companies offer a comprehensive range of services covering the entire billing cycle. This includes duties like patient registration, insurance verification, payment collection, and more. 


  • One-stop solution: Providers don’t need to engage multiple vendors or coordinate between different entities. Everything is contained within one business and you can have direct access to an account manager. 
  • Advanced technology: Frequently have the most recent billing software, analytics tools, and electronic health record (EHR) integrations. 
  • Wide expertise: Experience dealing with a wide range of medical specialties and insurance companies across the country. Has the dedicated manpower to tackle large jobs and handle insurers.  


  • Cost: Comprehensive services will most likely come at a higher price. 
  • Less customization: Some full-service companies might have a one-size-fits-all approach, which may not suit every clinic. 

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