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What is 360Connect's Credit Guidelines?

We’re not 100% perfect, but we do prioritize your success! So we’ve developed a simple and fair return policy in case you run into a lead that does not meet our quality standards’. Here’s how it works. 360Connect guarantees that each buyer quote request will:

  • Have valid contact information (i.e. phone number is not disconnected, email is delivered successfully)
  • Match the product profile at the time received
  • Match the requested area to the active geo coverage of the profile when the lead is delivered
  • Will not be a duplicate from 360Connect in the same 30-day period
  • Will not be from a direct competitor

Note: There are scenarios that would not be eligible for credits such as leads that are unresponsive (does not return calls/emails), decide to buy from another company, and/or is a current customer.

If the request does not meet the requirements above, you may submit a request for review within 10 days of receiving that lead. Then, we’ll review the submission to confirm if the lead meets our criteria for return, and if so, we’ll issue a refund to your account.

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