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How do prospects find 360Connect?

Great question. We source true-intent buyers as they’re searching for business products & services via Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other commonly used search engines. We launch 600+ monthly PPC keyword campaigns.

For example, when a business is looking to rent a storage container, what do they do first? Search the internet! They will type in a collection of keywords, such as “Rent a Storage Container.” Then a list of relevant results will pop up, and often 360Connect is positioned at or near the top of search results. We offer the prospect free quotes, plus valuable assets like “buyer’s guides,” to help guide them with their purchase. If they are ready to buy, the prospect will use 360Connect to get quotes. If they match up with your profile (your geo and product/service offerings – in this case, “Storage Container Rentals”), we’ll send them directly to you!

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