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Do You Qualify for Our Revenue Growth Program?

360Connect is focused on your success. However, we do ask that suppliers understand that our quote requests
alone aren’t enough to grow revenue. Sales Excellence is vital to converting a quote request into a sale.

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How Many Times Do You Call a Lead?

How Fast Do You Call a New Lead?

Do You Have a CRM or System For Tracking Your Leads?

You're a Perfect Match!

Congratulations, we believe you’re a great fit for the Revenue Growth Program. You understand what it takes to gain, maintain, and increase your leads both internally and by utilizing a lead-generating company.

Not Quite, But We’ll Get You There!

Based on your answers you are not an ideal candidate for the Revenue Growth Program at this time, but by following our suggestions you can become the perfect candidate for the program and grow your business in the meantime.

Check out the Best Practices page to learn more about how you can grow revenue using sales excellence.

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