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5 Ways to Ignite Your Summer Sales

The sun is shining, a cool breeze and beach scenery is calling your name, and you are probably getting ready to go on a family vacation. The downside? So are all of your potential prospects and most valuable employees. 

While the sky may be shining, many prospects and even current clients go dark over the summer season. You receive the standard “on vacation” or “out of office” automated emails, phone calls go to voicemail, and it can feel like there’s no hope in pushing through the Summer slump. Do not fear, while there’s no doubt it’s a difficult season for businesses, there are ways you can ignite your summer sales. Below are the top 5 ways to set your summer sales ablaze. 

1. Double Down on Marketing and Sales

During the Summer season, it’s important to adjust expectations and plan ahead. You know going into the season that it won’t be your strongest, but having a game plan will ensure you succeed nonetheless. A good rule of thumb for the Summer is to double all efforts, maybe even triple. Whether you’re marketing or making sales through calls or emails. You’ll need to double the frequency and effort to reach and gain the attention of a potential prospect. 

Sales Calls

 As you or your team makes calls, you’ll notice something.  Few people are picking up the phone BUT some people are still working.  Don’t convince yourself that hitting sales goals are unattainable because it’s harder to reach people, simply change your expectations.  If it normally took 20 calls to reach 1 prospect, it’s going to take about 40 calls. 

If you need to make double the calls, you’ll need to prepare all your lead data on a clean organized report in advance so you that can smile, dial, and move to the next prospect on the list quickly.    

Email Marketing Campaigns 

Nearly 34 percent of Americans check their email “throughout the day.” Taking into account that your prospects are currently on vacation, the number likely plummets. To get your message across you will need to double your email marketing to ensure it’s seen. 

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s National Client Email report, the majority of marketers send 2 to 3 emails per month. However, no rule is set in stone. Your business should do whatever is needed, and mainly what works. It’s known prospects are on vacation, they are rarely checking their emails, and a good strategy is to double your email efforts to gain a lead. In addition, 80% of buyers say they prefer to be contacted by sellers via email

Send Personalized Emails

Personalized email campaigns are opened 29 percent more often. Additionally, they have a 41 percent higher click-through rate than ordinary emails. A one-size-fits-all messaging is great and easier, but sometimes it’s not enough. Your business needs to stand out by personalizing your emails, especially when prospects are on summer vacation. Retaining and gaining customers requires sending highly relevant, tailored materials, and following up on past emails.

What is a Personalized Email?

A personalized email is the implementation of a unique fact or characteristic associated with a client or prospect. For example, including their first or last name, where they live, what they viewed on the website, and more. 

Social Media

Your prospects may not be checking their emails or phone calls, but we can guarantee they are on social media. Whether they’re just part of the 3.96 billion people that are on social media. Or part of the 49 percent of users that are active on social media. It is a prime place to market your business during the Summer season. 

Hold A Social Media Contest

Summer is the season to have fun, and the same should apply to your social media strategy. With the growth of social media marketing, contests and sweepstakes have taken on a new life. Contests are a great way to build your audience and gain potential leads. 

2. Develop a Summer Sales Strategy

Summer sales calendar

Prospects will be out of the office, their employees will tell you they’ll leave them a message. What now? It’s time to develop a vacation strategy. Take a look at the following 3 strategies marketers and sales teams should follow when their best customers or potential prospects go on vacation. 

Anticipate Vacation Return Date

Determine when prospects and clients will be back in the office. For example, July is the most popular month for summer vacations. On average, most Americans take 10 days off for vacation. Meaning the end of July or beginning of August is your prime time to target prospects who are settling back into the swing of things. Ensure they hear from you first before a competitor.

Schedule a Meeting

Before a potential prospect goes on vacation, send an email asking to schedule some time to talk once they return. This ensures a date is set to catch up. If this is not possible, you should send email campaigns that feature demos of your products/services with a CTA to schedule a call to learn more. 

Audit Previous Summer Campaigns

Look back at your previous summer marketing campaigns and determine what worked at the time. If you analyze your previous strategies and campaigns, you’ll be less likely to repeat the same mistakes. Thus, being able to improve your Summer campaign.  

3. Establish Relationships with Employees in the Office

summer sales phone call

A business can’t run without employees. While the main person you’re trying to reach may be on vacation it’s important to establish relationships with employees in the office until then. Connecting with those in the office ensures they will relay the message that you reached out to their manager. It also increases your credibility with the potential prospect. Check out some of the key employees you should be connecting with. 

Office Admin

It should come as no surprise that your key person to speak with to ensure your message is received would be a secretary. An office admin handles phone calls, document filing, and much more based on the job industry. Nevertheless, this is a crucial employee to develop a solid relationship with to ensure you’re on good terms with the prime prospect. 

Office Manager

Office managers are responsible for organizing and overseeing all office-related activities. This is the person in the company that knows the ins and outs of the business. And everyone who works there, including who you need to talk to. Keep in touch with an office manager until your key prospect returns.

Do you have a tough time developing relationships?  Read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” 

4. Expand the Size of Your Prospect List this Summer

summer sales prospects

Summer sales may be down, but your creativity doesn’t have to be. Summer is a great time to try new marketing and sales tactics to expand the size of your prospect list. Take a look at the following methods to expand your prospect list this Summer.


LinkedIn is a great tool to build a highly targeted prospect list. LinkedIn provides multiple filter options to help you find your audience and industry. In the age of technology, it’s easy to find quality prospects and send them a friendly message, it’s important to note you’ll need a premium account to do so. 


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. Fiverr’s slogan is “whatever the need, we’ve got the solution,” and in this case they really do. You can hire freelancers to build high-quality prospect lists based on the criteria you require. 

For example, one high-quality contractor can produce a high-quality list of 1500 contacts for about $300 Which includes emails, phone numbers, job titles, locations, addresses, countries, number of employees, etc. Using Fiverr to boost your Summer sales is an optimum option for your business. 

Benefits of Using Fiverr this Summer:

  • Affordable Services
  • Wide range of Freelancers 
  • User-Friendly

5. Become a 360Connect Supplier

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