Vertical Mast Lifts

Push around vertical mast lift

What is a Vertical Mast Lift?

A vertical mast lift is a type of aerial lift designed to allow working access in very tight and confined areas. Oftentimes, construction and maintenance jobs require access to confined spaces, such as doorways, stairways, auditoriums, alley ways, high traffic urban areas, and similar spaces that are hard to access. In these scenarios, other types of construction lifts such as boom lifts and scissor lifts will not suffice. Vertical mast lifts are compact and economical – they are just 2-3 ft. in width but allow workers to access heights of up to 35 ft. When not being used, they can be easily stowed in closets and transported easily using a truck.

Types of Vertical Mast Lifts

1. Push around

Push around vertical mast lifts are equipped with wheels that allow you to easily transport and move the lift by simply pushing the lightweight machine. This type of vertical mast lift is the most portable – it can fit through standard doorways and through narrow aisles. 

  • Uses: These mast lifts can be used for routine maintenance, general repairs, hanging signs, and similar tasks. Normally, push around vertical mast lifts are used for simple jobs that do not take a long period of time.

2. Drivable 

A driveable vertical mast lift allows you to “drive” the vehicle by using a control panel and get the mast lift from place to place. The operator simply stands on the working panel while using the mast lift’s controls to move the lift. These driveable lifts typically include handrails for safety, emergency stop buttons, and fork pockets for transportation. 

  • Uses: Drivable vertical mast lifts are best used for longer work tasks, where you may need to shift places horizontally during the job, without getting off the lift. For instance, you might use a drivable mast lift for repairs, factory maintenance, and other tasks that take a longer amount of time. 


Access to narrow, confined areas

One of the biggest benefits to using a vertical mast lift is that it allows you to access tight, confined spaces. At only 2-3 ft. wide, vertical mast lifts allow workers to perform jobs at elevated heights in tight spaces. In fact, vertical mast lifts are the most compact type of aerial lift available. 

Compact solution

When not being used, vertical mast lifts are very compact and can be stored easily. When stowed, they sit at just 5-6 feet tall and can even fit in small spaces such as utility closets. In addition, they are very lightweight which makes them easy to maneuver, transport, and store. Most vertical mast lifts have pivot bars which makes it easy to load them into a truck for transport. 


Most vertical mast lifts are extremely durable and stable machines. Most are made of high-quality aluminum, which is sturdy as well as comfortable and secure for everyday use. This durable material also makes them easy to service, low maintenance, and have a long lifespan.

Work around obstacles 

Obstacles in your working space are no problem for a vertical mast lift. As well as fitting into very tight spaces, vertical mast lifts have aluminum platforms that can easily maneuver around obstacles. Additionally, there are platform extension options so that you can access hard to reach areas. Vertical mast lifts are great for working on stairs, ladders, alleyways, and more.

Versatile options 

There are several different types of vertical mast lift models to choose from so you can find the perfect solution for the job at hand. There are both standard and rough terrain options, so you can use the lift either indoors or outdoors. Additionally, suppliers will offer vertical mast lifts at a variety of dimensions and capacities, so you can find the perfect machinery for your job.

Vertical Mast Lift Dimensions and Capacities

Lift height15-35 ft.
Stowed height5-6 ft.
Weight capacity350-700 lbs.
Machine width2 ft. - 3 ft. 6 in.
Machine weight 1,500 - 6,500 lbs.
Power SourceElectric (110 or 220 V)

Base Options

  • Standard: Standard bases are designed for everyday use on slab surfaces. This is the type of base a vertical mast lift will traditionally come equipped with.
  • Rough terrain: Rough terrain bases allow workers to use the vertical mast life on rough or uneven terrain, such as outdoor areas.

Platform options 

  • Close access: The close access work platform is one of the most compact. It can allow workers to get as close as 3 inches away from walls where they need to perform jobs.
  • Tilt-back: Tilt-back work platforms allow the vertical mast lift to easily roll through doorways and other tight spaces for easy transportation and manueverment. 
  • Outreach extension: Most suppliers will offer an outreach extension for your work platform, which adds additional horizontal reach (2 ft.+) when completing jobs. These extensions can be useful for moving around obstacles at elevated heights.

Other Features

  • Control panel: Vertical mast lifts come equipped with a conveniently-located control panel. Your control panel will include important information, such as battery life, up/down switch, key switch, and more.
  • Tool caddy: Many vertical mast lifts have a built-in area where you can store power tools for easy access once you reach your ideal elevation.
  • Zero-degree turn radius: Vertical mast lifts remain compact throughout the entire usage. Most have a zero-degree turn radius so that you can maintain a narrow application in tight spaces.
  • Efficient Power Source: Most vertical mast lifts use a 110V or 220V battery. This electric power source keeps the machine quiet during application.


The cost of a vertical mast lift will depend on whether you are renting vs. buying and whether you choose a new vs. used machine. Below are price ranges you can expect to see.

Rental pricingPurchase pricing 
Per day: $100-$300
Per week: $300-$500
Per month: $700-$800
New: $10,000-$25,000
Used: $2,500-$10,000

You can reference our Forklift Renter’s Guide for more information on renting vertical mast lifts and other types of forklifts.

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Ready to compare prices on vertical mast lifts? Use our free comparison tool to match with top-quality vertical mast lift suppliers and get the best price quotes available. 

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