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An Interview with: David Motsenbocker

President, Owner

What does Dmots do?

We provide steel buildings in the residential, commercial and agricultural sector. We use high quality, G90 all galvanized cold formed steel building kits that are easy to assemble, with a 45 year paint warranty on all our sheeting.

What areas do you service?

We can ship our building materials anywhere in the U.S. We also can help locate contractors in your area to help complete your project. We use high quality, cold formed steel. 

Why did you get into the steel building industry? 

I went to college to become an architect because I loved design and drawing. I found that I wanted to be more hands-on in my work, so I took my architectural knowledge and went into the construction business. I have learned every trade over the years and I absolutely love it. My creativity has allowed me to build just about anything. I enjoy getting to know my customers and helping them design or redesign something that will meet (and hopefully exceed!) their needs.

When I first learned about Outback Steel buildings, I fell in love with the concept and the product. My goal is to introduce this technology into the steel building industry to as many people as I can. Most people don’t know about cold-formed steel buildings. But once they find out, they are amazed by the quality of the product and the ease in which it can be assembled.

What is an Outback Steel Building?

Outback Steel Buildings is a company that is using a new technology in steel that is known as cold-rolled or cold-formed steel, all galvanized primary and secondary frames. Their light gauge steel saves the customer a lot of money. They use a proprietary software system to custom design every building without a custom cost. All of the buildings are engineered to meet the building codes in your local area in every state. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, I can recognize a high quality building material when I see one.

Why a metal steel building?

Outback Steel’s buildings are made of G90 galvanized steel frame components. They are lightweight and bolt-screwed, which makes them easy to transport and assemble. Most steel buildings require heavy-duty equipment and welding work. But with this type of steel, assembly is so easy that many of our customers choose to do the assembly themselves! Note: while the building does have a lighter frame, the steel structure is still engineered to meet the same earthquake, wind-speed, and snow-loads codes of any county in any state in the U.S. Why pay for more metal that is not needed to meet engineering code? There is minimal waste and they use recyclable material.

Do you only sell Outback Steel?

No. We sell the two basic types of steel buildings.

These include:

Cold-Form – The Outback Steel Building cold-formed steel structure can clear span up to 60 feet in width and wider with interior post, but the length is unlimited. These are custom buildings and the interior is very attractive, with shiny galvanized frames.
Rigid I-beam – Star Building Systems also known as heavy duty Red-Iron buildings, these are used for larger clear span construction projects. We can clear span big distances.

“I built our Outback building myself. It went up easily — just bolted together. It really looks great!”

Satisfied Customer, Bend, OR

Do you offer different types of packages?

Yes. At Dmots, our customers have 2 basic options to choose from:

  1. Full turnkey service – This means I will be with them from start to finish. We will go to the architect to get the plot map for the project, apply for permits, prep the work site and then complete the construction.
  2. DIY -This is a Do-It-Yourself project. We will send you the building kit and offer assistance with self-installation questions.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

At Dmots Construction, Inc. our buildings are customized down to the inch without a custom cost. We include engineering for the concrete along with the engineering for the building. I work with my customers from start to finish designing their building to fit all of their desires and most of all save as much as possible. If I can save you money by making minor adjustments to your structure, then I will make recommendations. I want people to really think about their project—what they want and what they need.

I never pressure a customer into a purchase. I don’t make a once in a lifetime offer to get them to decide now. I want to give them all the time they need in making a decision like this. I try to build a fantastic relationship with all my customers that they can trust. I encourage them to check me out through the BBB, Chamber of Commerce and the Ca. State license board. I offer them referrals. I encourage them to check out other companies and compare apples to apples. I hope they choose to do business with me.

What is your perspective on the future of steel buildings?

Steel buildings will continue to grow in popularity. People are beginning to realize that they can be used for any type of construction. My customers love this product because it is so versatile, you can do anything with it.

What should a steel building customer know? 

The building process can be extensive, so know in advance that the project will take time. In some cases, it can take as long as 4-6 months just to get a permit to build.

These are the steps to consider when taking on a building project:

  1. Having a plot map drawn up showing where your new building will be located.
  2. Adding our pre-engineered wet stamped plans to your plot map for the permitting stage.
  3. After permits are issued you will need to order the building.
  4. You will need to get some dirt work done to get a building pad ready for concrete.
  5. You will start your concrete pad and get it ready for inspection before you pour the concrete.
  6. Once the concrete pad has cured for a few weeks, you will start the erection of your structure.

Another important thing to know is that there are often ‘hidden costs‘ associated with the building that people forget to factor into their budget. These include:

  • water storage requirements
  • dirt work
  • soil testing
  • plumbing
  • electrical

What trends do you see in the steel building industry? 

More requests for customizing their building to meet almost any need. The great thing about Outback Steel is that it is an attractive building from the get-go. It also comes with a better warranty than other steel products out there. We have built residences in them, retail stores, RV cover etc. You name it and it can be done all at an affordable cost. Steel buildings are stronger than conventional buildings and they go up faster.

What does an initial Dmots client consultation look like?

I begin by asking a lot of questions. I want to fully understand their needs and what they want before discussing specific products. After a consultation, my clients have full knowledge concerning the process, time frame and all the extras that go into completing a project. I don’t hide anything. I want to make sure they know what they are getting into before they make the final decision to proceed.

“I wasn’t sure at first, but Outback came through with flying colors. I love my building & they were great to work with. ”

Gary L., Salem, OR

Tell us about a time when you went above and beyond for a customer.

I was building a warehouse for a couple. The husband passed away during the construction process. The wife was left to finish the project and was very overwhelmed. I helped her pick up the pieces, held her hand through the project and assured her we would not do anything without her full understanding and approval. She was very happy with the finished product and has since given us a LOT of recommendations. To this day, we continue to do work for her.

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