How Can Vending Services Benefit Your Office?

Your business is growing. You’ve hired more employees. How do you create an office culture that keeps you staff happy and productive? Start with a vending service.

Perhaps you are redesigning or expanding your office. You want to use your breakroom space wisely to provide convenient food, snacks, and beverages to your team. Start with a vending service.

A full-service vending provider not only furnishes the physical vending units, but also takes care of keeping your machine(s) fully stocked with the beverages and snacks that your office wants. And if you are unsure about what type of vending machine or even which products to select, a vending service can survey your employees to put the right vending options in place.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how a vending service can benefit both you and your employees.

Benefits to Employers

Easy to manage. A vending service is no-hassle. They handle every detail concerning your vending needs. You don’t need dedicated staff to purchase and maintain breakroom supplies because a vending service takes care of the inventory, equipment, and maintenance for you. Many services remotely monitor the vending units offering accurate inventory assessment with prompt adjustment and rotation of stock.

Promotes corporate wellness. Healthy employees directly impact the success of your business. Vending services offer healthy options that easily fit with any company wellness plan. Give your staff the ability to make healthy choices in-office with vending.

Increases company morale. Providing beverages and snacks onsite is viewed as an employee perk. Employees can enjoy the convenience of readily available vending options. As an added bonus, you may choose to subsidize the cost of products in your office machines, making purchases more affordable. In a larger office setting, creating a micromarket for your employees increases convenience and selection.

No overhead costs. Most vending services will place the machines in your place of business at zero cost to you. You simply make food and beverage choices available for purchase by your employees.

Increases productivity. Encourage your employees to stay onsite for snacks and lunch breaks, build stronger working relationships, and spend more time in the office. Instead of heading out of the office for a cup of coffee, having vending services on site means a much-needed pick-me-up is just down the hallway. When time is money, keeping employees at the office positively affects your bottom line.

Increases brand recognition. If you frequently have customers that visit your office, a vending service allows you to highlight your company name or brand with the use of logo decals or other promotional material on vending machines or in your breakroom space. Plus, providing refreshments to customers is just one way to highlight your excellent customer service.

Benefits to Employees

Food and drink are always accessible. Traditional vending services are available any time during office hours. The same can be said for micro markets with their open concept. Shift workers can come in at any hour of the day to purchase a complete and healthy meal. Onsite food and beverage options mean employees don’t have to take time out of their workday to purchase lunch or a snack.

Increases productivity. Employees are more productive when they don’t take time out of their day to drive offsite for a cup of coffee or lunch. And typically, employees want to maximize their time when it comes to both work and breaks. They don’t want to spend their time driving to lunch, quickly eating, and then hustling back to work. Providing onsite vending allows employees to take advantage of the full lunch or break time in a more relaxed setting.

Increases employee satisfaction. Again, employees view onsite vending services as a perk to employment. It is a simple way for employers to make their staff feel appreciated. And when an employer subsidizes or offers free beverages and snacks, that incentive is even more impressive.

Saves money. When vending services are offered in the workplace, employees spend less money on food and snacks. Going out to eat every day for lunch is expensive and can take a toll on the personal budget. Vending services often provide cheaper options than you will find at a restaurant or convenience store. And the money that employees save here translates to overall increased workplace satisfaction.

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