Top Selling Coffee Brands

Top Selling Coffee Brands

When it comes to American coffee drinkers, price and convenience dominate coffee purchase decisions. While higher end brands like Stumptown get attention for revolutionizing the coffee industry, cheaper brands are still making the most money. On the whole, Americans value affordability and convenience. Ground coffee brands tend to be more reasonably priced, and are pre-ground which takes a step out of coffee preparation.

The importance of convenience is taken a step further with the increasing popularity of coffee pods by providing speedy one-cup servings. While Starbucks is considered high-end coffee, it speaks to the convenience factor we Americans love by offering a multitude of locations so that you can pop in anytime for a quick cup. Here are the top selling brands of coffee.

Keurig–rules single serve coffee. North American leader in single-cup brewing. Most people are familiar with the K-Cup portion packs.

Folgers–the iconic American brand. More than 150 years of making great tasting coffee.

Starbucks–roasts high-quality whole bean coffees. sell more than just coffee, it sells the coffeehouse experience.

Maxwell House–a household name in coffee since the 1920’s. Everyone knows it’s “good to the last drop.”

Dunkin Donuts–the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain. They serve more than 3 million customers a day.

Eight O’Clock–created by the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in 1859. Only uses 100% Arabica coffee.

Illy–an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in espresso.

Stumptown–Portland, Oregon based coffee roaster. Their high quality coffee and standards helped revolutionize the coffee industry.

Seattle’s Best–began as Stewart Brothers coffee. Won the best cup of coffee in Seattle and changed the company name accordingly.

Green Mountain–Vermont’s award winning coffee that is also know for socially responsible business practices

Caribou–specializes in espresso beverages and roast their own blends of coffee. Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pura Vida–focus on Fair Trade organic coffee. Their motto, “providing great coffee and great service all for a great cause.”

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