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An Interview with: Evan Gillman

Telecommunications Sales Expert

What does Transit Broker do?

We are a sales agency offering telecommunications solutions to small, medium and large businesses around the world. We have been in operations since 2002.

What areas do you serve?

Transit Broker serves every corner of the world. The companies that we represent are global telecom organizations. There are a few hundred different companies that we could represent, but we choose to work with about 10 out of that 100 that are best of breed.

Who is your ideal customer?

We serve a lot of mid-market to larger enterprises. As a company grows, their telecom requirements become far more technical, making it difficult to decide on a company/carrier and how to purchase the right infrastructure and telecom service for their growing needs. That’s really where we shine – meeting those mid-market customers who have real technical needs and simplifying the telecom procurement process.

How do customers choose a telecom provider?

Businesses of all sizes work with us to navigate the complicated telecom procurement process. We represent carriers and work to find the right match for the end user.

“We provide a consultative approach to telecom. ”

Evan Gillman, Telecommunications Sales Expert

Why hire Transit Broker?

  • We offer a wide range of voice and data services.
  • We also offer data-center, collocation, and Cloud services.
  • We provide Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks.
  • We consult clients on what they need and connect them with the best provider.
  • We simplify the procurement and installation process, offering support through the entire life cycle.

Purchasing services from a telecom company can be a VERY daunting and confusing process.

We provide a consultative approach to telecom. We do an audit on the customer’s bills and view what they currently have in place. Then we work with them and present newer technologies and services that could potentially make their business run more smoothly and save them money. We are compensated by the provider that the customer chooses.

What is Transit Broker’s mission statement?

Telecom Simplified.

That’s our mission: to simplify telecom procurement for our customers.

Most organizations have an IT staff, but they rarely have an in-house telecom person. We complement the company’s existing IT staff by acting as tier one telecom support, handling everything from service, delivery and project management to renewals and upgrades.

“Our partnerships and telecom management experience are what make us the best. ”

Evan Gillman, Telecommunications Sales Expert

If a client signs up for your service and is having technical issues, who do they call?

At Transit Broker, we are engaged with our customers for the entire life cycle. If our client wants to call the carrier directly, they definitely can. But it’s not an easy task. That’s why we offer 24/7 support. We want to serve as our client’s first line of defense.

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