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An Interview with: Darrell Cammack

Sales Executive

Tell us about Jaru’s print business.

Jaru is a full-service authorized Canon/Océ dealer. We supply wide format printers and scanners, as well as paper, inks and toners for any brand of printer. We originally started out as a reprographer, with a sole focus on architectural and engineer printing. But we have expanded our scope to include all of the following print options:

  • Architectural Blueprints: We print hard copies or digital files to deliver a professional look.
  • Fine Art Reproduction: We create museum quality images using the finest quality archival materials.
  • Trade Show Displays: We design large full-scale exhibition displays, table top displays and banner displays using innovative styles.
  • Quality Digital Printing: We print high-quality business cards, brochures, catalogs and menus.

How long has Jaru been in business?

Jaru was incorporated in 1994 by John “Jack” W. Callahan and Russell B. Yearick. They combined the “Ja” in Jack and the “Ru” in Russell to form Jaru Copy Services. Jack and Russell started out with 1 small copier and 1 large format Océ machine in Jack’s basement. Now Jaru has 8 full-time employees and offers a wide range of large format and document capabilities.

What areas does Jaru serve?

We serve the entire state of Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and a few counties in Maryland.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Our expertise in the printing industry quickly becomes apparent during the initial meetings with potential clients. We think of ourselves as a company consultant. We help our clients define their ROI and break-even number. Competitors don’t do that. They just want to make a sale. Our mission is to lower our customer’s existing cost. Jaru has a long-standing client base within the architectural, engineering and construction industries. We are a leader in our field and have established strong name recognition.

“Jaru’s process of proofing, archiving, and printing provides you with the best professional service at the most competitive price.”

Darrell Cammack, Sales Executive, Jaru

What are the current trends in the industry?

Wide format printing has experienced a noticeable downturn due to cost and a change in workflow models. A contractor no longer prints multiple sets of prints; instead, CD’s are handed out and the subcontractor is responsible for printing their own copies. The trend has shifted away from larger format printers to smaller niche printers. Currently, smaller wide format options are selling where larger units are not. There is now a huge market of subcontractors who either need to purchase a printer or utilize printing services.

What kind of printers does Jaru sell?

Here at Jaru, we are a full-service authorized dealer of Canon and Océ products. We supply a wide variety of wide format printers and scanners. If you plan on doing your printing in-house, we can recommend a machine based on your specific needs. We offer 5-color ink printers for technical and general use.

What are common misconceptions that your customers have?

  • Color vs. Toner – Many customers think that a color capable printer is still 5 times more expensive than a toner-based printer. This was true a decade ago, but it’s no longer the case. While color capable printers still tend to be on the pricier side, the price difference is not outrageous. In the past, color printers were not a financially feasible option in the construction industry. But now, they have practically become the industry standard as the demand for color blueprints goes up. Because they are more affordable, more industries are choosing color.
  • Lease vs. Purchase – Another assumption is that you have to purchase a printer. But in reality, 99% of small format printers/copiers and 75% of wide format printers are leased, not purchased. The standard lifespan of a copier is 3.3 years. This is due to the constantly changing operation systems and technology upgrades. Rapid changes in the printing industry make leasing much more appealing than an outright purchase.

How much does a printer cost?

For construction printing, a company that produces 500 prints a month (or less) will usually require an ink jet machine that costs around $5000. (Note: these are price estimates, not actual quotes). A higher volume, toner-based machine can cost upwards of $12,000.

NOTE : An ink jet printer has a lower price point, but a higher cost to produce prints. A toner-based printer has a higher price point, but a lower print production cost. As a company consultant, Jaru will help you determine your break-even point.

“I always have the mission of lowering your existing cost.”

Darrell Cammack, Sales Executive, Jaru

How has your company adapted to industry changes?

For over 20 years, we have been an industry leader in wide format printing of architectural and engineering blueprints. Our business has expanded into other areas, such as fine art reproduction, trade show displays and quality digital printing. Whatever your printing needs, Jaru’s process of proofing, archiving, and printing provides you with the best professional service at the most competitive price.

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