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An Interview with: Maricela Montega


What does Interactive do?

We are a service-driven company offering high quality new and used-certified products like commercial shredders, multi-function copiers and, more recently, 3D printers. Interactive provides supplies, maintenance, and repairs through experienced technicians. Timely service is our priority.

How long have you been in business?

How long have you been in business?

We started our business as Interactive Copiers Unlimited in 2001. We have more recently evolved into just Interactive because we expanded our product and service line to more than just copiers.

What areas do you service?

We provide service to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Galveston.

What is your company’s mission statement and what does it mean to you?

Our mission is to deliver high-quality products serviced by the most experienced technicians in the region to guarantee optimal performance. At Interactive, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. We prioritize throughout the day to give each customer the importance they deserve.

“At Interactive, we don’t deliver anything unless it has received our senior team stamp of approval. ”

Maricela Montega, Owner, Interactive Copiers Unlimited

What differentiates you from your competitors?

The products we offer speak for us as a company. The performance of our products is how people see us. Maintaining a good reputation is our number one marketing tool. We listen to our customers and provide strong, consistent, and reliable service.

99% of the time a person, not a machine, will answer the phone. Our response time is normally 2-4 hours and we are available 24/7. If a customer needs us on the weekend or needs to pick up toner at a late hour, we make it happen. If a machine is down, and we are unable to complete repairs in a reasonable time frame, we have copiers at our office our customers can use or in some instances, we will run and deliver the job for them. We have a graphic designer that will be able to manage most jobs successfully. Through the use of our demo machines and our graphic department staff, we guarantee uninterrupted production. No one else does that!

What products/services does your company offer?

At interactive, we only represent reputable brands and limit our products to one brand each:

  • Shredders – MBM Destroyit
  • Copiers – Cannon
  • 3D Printers – 3D Systems

What do you think is most important for customers to understand when looking for a copier?

Buying a copier and getting the right service requires establishing a relationship with the vendor. A trusting customer-vendor relationship is critical. A clear understanding of the customer’s needs is the beginning of a positive relationship. At InterActive, we demo the copiers and provide training even before the customer buys. The last thing we want is for a customer to be unhappy because they bought something that was not what they expected or was not suitable to their needs. We find that very often, customers are pushed into buying a product that doesn’t satisfy their needs; pair that with poor customer support, and you will find a very unhappy customer.

We ask many questions, such as the ones below, to better understand our customers needs:

  • How many users are in your network?
  • What speed of copier are you looking for?
  • If you currently have a copier – what do you like or dislike about it?
  • Do you want to lease or purchase?
  • How soon do you need it delivered?

“We can’t be everything for everyone, but we work diligently to meet our customer’s needs in a timely and efficient fashion.”

Maricela Montega, Owner, Interactive Copiers Unlimited

What is your perspective on the future of the copier industry?

The majority of our sales are arranged through leases. Our leases are structured to facilitate upgrades as the customer’s needs change. With a lease, the customer has a fixed amount every month that is well within their budget. We generally recommend a lease contract no longer than 3 years. Generally, for a copier that costs $5,000, the monthly payment is about $135.00 on a 36 month program. At the end of the term, the customer can keep the machine or upgrade it without paying a penalty. Having the convenience of an affordable color and black and white copier saves the customer time and money. An in-house production unit is a win-win for any size business.

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