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An Interview with: Aaron Troy


Tell us about Hurricane Steel Buildings. 

Hurricane Steel Buildings offers the highest quality red iron and arch style steel buildings from the largest manufactures in the U.S. We can design any type of structure and can build to any specification.

I had the vision to provide the turnkey solution in the steel building industry because of the customers I had to turn away. Yes, most of our customers put up the buildings themselves or find a local solution. However, for the customers that need it done completely with zero hassle. We can accomplish that. After shopping around some of our customers come to us with a need to have the concrete and building done together. “I don’t have time to mess with it. I work on the oil pipeline and want it done while I am away.” The concrete and erection of the building can be negotiated in one contract. The problem for the consumer was that myself and other brokers just sold the materials. Now we are a one stop shop. We can help 100% of the people that want home garages, workshops, hangars, storage buildings. You name it. We build it.

“When a customer calls and needs full service, I am the only one that can supply 100% of what they are looking for.”

Aaron Troy, Hurricane Steel Buildings, President

We offer pre-cut, pre-drilled, exclusively all-American products that are the highest quality at the best price. All our buildings are warrantied for a minimum of 25 years and stamped off by engineers to meet all of your local requirements. Hurricane Steel Buildings offers a variety of custom-designed metal building kits for a multitude of end-use applications. When you choose to do business with Hurricane Steel Buildings, you are making the choice of not only receiving a superior product, but also gaining the experience of outstanding customer service.

What kind of experience is behind the name Hurricane Steel Buildings?

We have a combined 50 years + experience. My crew has been erecting buildings and doing concrete for 27 years. Our founder has dealerships for the largest U.S. Arch Factory and Red Iron building factory in the country. Our experience in steel construction recognized an increasing need for prefabricated metal buildings. Since then we’ve provided thousands of metal building kits for a wide variety of needs: office buildings, barns, arenas, workshops, garages, mini storage, churches, warehouses and more.

We moved our major operations to our Florida facility, where our business continues to grow. As we expand, we continue to set industry standards with our high-quality buildings and exceptional knowledge of the industry.

What is Hurricane’s Mission?

Our mission is to provide our customers with:

  1. A quality product at an exceptional price.
  2. Concise information and advice to assist you in your decision making.
  3. Service after the sale.

We want to build your dream building within your budget. Every project is treated the same whether a small garage or an aircraft hangar. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product at the best price! In other words, when it’s done correctly, you know you are getting it done the right way. The bottom line is: we make our customers happy.

” From start to finish, we help you realize your dream project without any back end problems.”

Aaron Troy, Hurricane Steel Buildings, President

What do customers want? 

Our customers want a quality, cost effective solution–something that fits within their budget.

What do customers want to know?  

  • What is the best bang for my buck?

Our customers want and need to stay within their budget. They want to know different possibilities and the benefits of going with my structure as opposed to a competitor who may sell something lower quality. They want to know the differences, and how to maximize square footage with specific types of buildings.

  • What’s the difference between a pole barn and your building? What is the difference in the quality of pole barns vs. metal buildings?

Hurricane Steel Buildings systems surpass our competitors’ pole barns. Our metal buildings are superior and built to last a lifetime. No wood. No maintenance.

Sample Steel Building Blueprint

What types of buildings do you offer?  

We offer the Red Iron Tier 1 Building. Traditional style like a barn with any pitch needed. Premade or clearance buildings would be set in width and pitch. I also offer the Deep Arch Corrugated Quonset Style Building that is based on the old military half circles. Heavy steel. Some are modified with straight walls. Both are made for the do it yourself type of person. We offer a wide variety of usages for steel buildings:

What sets you apart from your competitors? 

We set industry standards with our high-quality products and exceptional knowledge; not to mention, our expertise is unmatched in construction.

Our customer service is unparalleled. Hurricane Steel Buildings is factory direct. That is direct with the manufacturer. That means we can give you the best possible price on your building. We can find the right structure that fits your budget. We have the flexibility to offer “multiple styles” and types of steel buildings. Something other competitors cannot do.

Since our steel buildings are produced at more than 25 state-of-the-art facilities we have the lowest shipping costs and the fastest delivery times in the business. We stand behind our no hassle, on-time deliveries for both small and large projects. Larger buildings are shipped in a timely and planned manner. They are engineered precisely, and detailed plans for each stage of the project are sent beforehand.

“From design to delivery we will be there with you every step of the way.”

Aaron Troy, Hurricane Steel Buildings, President

What’s the difference?  Hurricane Steel Building compared to a Pole Barn.

What is your service area?  

We can deliver our American made steel buildings anywhere in the U.S. We use our own crew for installation if needed, and they travel anywhere in the country to erect a Hurricane Steel Building on-site. We will go anywhere, even Hawaii or Alaska -anywhere! And currently, we are still working on expanding internationally.

Are steel buildings a non-refundable purchase?

Yes. The deposit gets the engineering started. We work with all customers on finding solutions. Most of the time a building can be stored till the customer is ready.

What kind of warranty do you offer? 

All of our products are manufacturer warrantied from 25-40 years. This covers rust, corrosion, oxidation, weather tightness, and leakage. We also include a limited warranty on perforation – if you poke a hole in the building. Our paint even has a 40-year warranty that covers chipping, chalking, fading, and blistering.

What trends do you see in the industry? 

A change in industry design is that red iron buildings are now expandable. Having this expandable capability increases options for many customers. In fact, steel buildings are now used for homes. When erecting a steel building as a home, we provide the building materials, concrete foundations, and erection. Any other work that is needed can be worked out with my crew on-site, or customers can work out what they need with the erector. He can help them find contractors to finish out the job completely.

building video, new lawn and garden storage/shop, sometimes you have to make it happen with the equipment available, this time a back hoe was called on, lol

Posted by Quonset Kings on Friday, March 4, 2016

Can you share a satisfied customer story? 

Here’s two:

  • I have a client in Houston that ordered a 50′ x 100′ Quonset Kings hut, an arch building that included multiple windows and a partition wall with sliding doors. The hut was delivered from our arch factory in Pittsburgh and erected last May, fully turnkey. Our client was so happy with our crew and our work that he then requested 2 more buildings. We were able to put up their 24′ x 36′ building in one day.
  • We erected a 50′ x 120′ x 21′ cold storage building in the rural SD town. The town has 100 people and the building location was 20 miles outside of the small town. So, I was pleasantly surprised that they sent me a referral for a 60 x 120 fully turnkey job for another customer in that same tiny South Dakota town.

What should customers know before buying?

It is NOT necessary to buy from a contractor. We are building experts and we can explain the differences in various structures to you. Buying from a manufacture dealer or broker will help you get a factory direct price and the highest quality materials instead of a marked up, low-quality structure. Buying from a broker or a dealer gives you the best bang for your buck.

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